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8/1/2005 11:27 am

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Making Money Having Fun

Right now my living comes from running an internet service. That is a company that provides internet access and hosting services. Business has been less than swell lately.

I don't want to abandon my Internet business. I've got a base of customers that have been with me for many years and there are aspects of it that I enjoy.

But it is not providing me enough income now. It also involves too much sitting in front of a terminal not being physically active and being indoors.

I used to have to really avoid the outdoors because of allergies. In the old days, the only antihistamine that worked was Benadryl and it put me to sleep.

Now there are better drugs that suppress the allergy response sufficiently without putting me to sleep and I can and do enjoy more time outdoors.

Things I really enjoy are music, photography, and pretty women, and just being outside doing things. I'm trying to find a way to make money that incorporates these elements.

I don't have any physical disabilities, I have a high IQ (~140), I feel that I should be more successful in life than I have been.

The earth is not well, our society is not well, I want to find ways to improve things. I realize that I can't change the whole world single-handedly but I want to start in my corner and go from there.

Shoreline (just north of Seattle) is where I reside. I'd love to hear from others who have successfully addresses this challenge, or who have ideas how I might be able to, or who might have opportunities.

Unix/Linux and computer networking in general is my area of professional expertise. But I also have a background in broadcasting. I did at one time hold a 1st class radio telephone operators license and did broadcast engineering. I also have 17 years experience in the telephone industry. I've done live sound PA work, providing sound reinforcement for bands, etc. And I think I'm not a half-bad amateur photographer although I've worked almost exclusively with digital cameras for the last five years.

I'm really looking for something that is fun, that involves being physically active, meeting people.

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