TheMoonshield 35M
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6/27/2006 10:26 am

So today I had the bright idea of maybe taking some new pics for my network pics, or even my profile page. I go to take my shower this morning I decided maybe I should trim up a bit before I take any new pics. The end result, of which, is the pic posted with this blog entry. It always seems that the razor has a mind of it's own and I quickly make a mistake or trim it too short then it all has to come off. Now I look like a chubby 8 year old boy lol. So this has prompted the subject for today's blog... trimming.

Personally I'm not a picky guy when it comes to hair. Naturally I prefer shaved clean because I think it looks good, and it makes oral that much more fun. I've never been with someone who actually had a stylized trim like a triangle patch, or a landing strip, but I think they tend to look silly depending on the cut, especially the landing strip. I'd rather see completely shaved or a more trimmed down natural look. I haven't encountered too many women that are picky with how a guy keeps himself maintained. I do it myself because I can't imagine it being too pleasant to give a blow job to a forest. Then finally is the cleanliness aspect of it. After I've trimmed it a bit, I feel like it's much easier to keep that area clean, and I bet this applies to most of you women out there too. If I feel more clean, I feel more confident, and if I feel more confident, I am a better lover.

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