My opinions? [Obey the Mistress Moth!]  

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6/19/2006 10:37 pm
My opinions? [Obey the Mistress Moth!]

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I know a lot of people who play with gender. Some more than others, some more often than others, some with more open-ness than others. Mostly males. In My opinion, cross-dressing is a fetish. Living as a transgendered person is not. Meaning, if you see your gender issues completely as sexual and kinky, you aren't really wanting to live as another gender, you have a fetish. Gender is more than sexuality. There is nothing wrong, or inferior, or superior to either of these choices. It does not make an interest more sincere just because it's more complex or developed. I am not judging a cross-dresser as lower on some kinky totem-pole than a transexual, just noting the differences...My not-at-all-humble opinions.

I've received more Tributes from My boy galahad in the mail today, all chosen from My Wish List. Four delicately embroidered silk pillows, two pink crystal and pink pearl hair sticks, a filigree silver whistle, and several dozen of My favourite Gonesh incense sticks! Do keep it up, galahad, I am delighted to find boxes in the mail from you most every day!

I also received $75 today from a slut that I wish to make into one of My Keen/NiteFlirt phone sex sluts. In the mail was also a lovely beaded, antique-look evening bag...from, anonymous!

I completely spaced noting all of My corporate slaves' PayDay Tithing Tributes on the 15th...ah well, I'm not in the mood to now. I think you all know what to do without prompting, yes? The 1st and the 15th, that is when you send 10% of your income to Me = Tithing Tribute. As all who worship should do to offer concrete demonstration of their devotion and adoration, and to show their understanding of the supremacy of Females.

Wonderful thunderstorms this afternoon! Lighting and gumball-sized hail!

E-mail to arrange to serve Me while I'm in California - June 23rd-29th!

I am very excited, I leave in four days!

~ The Mistress Moth...

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