Apparently, everyone is creative... [Obey the Mistress Moth!]  

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8/9/2006 11:28 am
Apparently, everyone is creative... [Obey the Mistress Moth!]

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Wow, Peeping Tom was magnificent perfection. Mike Patton's [of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, and Lovage fame] newest project blew Me away this past weekend. Every one of the eight artists on the stage gave a technically perfect performance that was jam-packed with high-energy, slinky, good vibes. Patton himself is like a machine in his delivery and movement, but totally without being de-personalized. Quite the opposite, this group showed intimate personality. Rahzel, one of the three vocalists in the project, gave a mind-blowing human beat-box solo that I would have never believed came from a human mouth if I hadn't seen it for Myself. DJ Mike Relm did a solo piece based on the 'Peanuts' theme song that was truly inspired. That DJ can move his hands FAST. Damn. Wonder if he's got a Grrrlfriend... The Peeping Tom bassist, drummer, and guitarist, known together as Dub Trio, also did a seperate chunk of work, as the "opening act", and were very good. No solo from the masked keyboardist, whom I suspect was Dangermouse, nor from the electric-violin-playing vocalist Imani Coppola, but excellent jobs they did as well. When people say a band is "tight", this is what they mean. No errors. No drama interfering with the music. No shit-faced musicians looking sloppy and fucking up onstage. True professional attitude with true artistic creativity. Amazing show - go see Peeping Tom! Get out of your house and feel that visceral full-body high that comes from enjoying loud music with a crowd of like-minded folks. Many, many thanks to Ms. Bella Felonious and the Metamorphosis crew for holding a delicious seat for My eternally late Self!

Speaking of creativity, I've just fully realized that everyone is creative. Now, I don't mean everyone is talented, but let's not get too snarky on that point. I've been sucked into MySpace by the devilish Ms. Felonious. As one MySpace page leads to another [As it's fully intended to do, well done on bringing the 'net back to hyper-linkage!], I find I've lost hours listening to new and never-released music, looking at the work of entirely self-taught artists, and meeting teeming throngs of people out there creating on every possible level.

The 'net has changed the face of creativity. I think most people have the general impression that creativity is limited to a relatively small amount of the population. In the past, access to supplies, resources, and distributors for artistic endeavours has been limited by access to money. No more. Well, almost no more. If one has a computer, or access to one, and in American that's nearly everyone now [libraries], one can show the world one's creativity. If you are limiting yourself to galleries, museums, concert halls, and theatrical stages, you are NOT seeing even a weensy part of the artistic community in the US, or the world.

Maybe this has always been the case, and the 'net just allows a way in to find out about all this. But, there is still no way to ignore the effect the 'net is having on human creativity. Apparently, access is incentive enough to create. I am very optimistic about this. As I said, I had no idea how many people are, damn near everyone online. I am very glad to be wrong about thinking that artistic expression was fairly limited in humans. Wonder if I'm right, wrong, or what? Go have a few hours disappear at MySpace and you'll see what I mean. It won't all be pretty, much less exhibit true virtuoso talent, but it will be creative and that's important to how I feel life can best be explored. Make shit, and get into the shit that other people make. It's good for you. And you know what THEY say...Obey the Mistress Moth!

Tomorrow is promise's birthday. This girl is a former personal slave of Mine. I dismissed her because, against My every effort, she allowed her non-kink life to get out of hand and no Mistress should suffer for Her slave. We have remained friends, because no Mistress should abandon someone in need, and I've watched her slowly regain control over her life in ways I am proud of her for. It is My hope that she will continue in this progress and I will be impressed enough to request her to return to My service soon. I plan to take her to The Super Secret Sideshow performance at The Vault in Indianapolis tomorrow night. Mojo the Human Freak has asked Me to take photographs of the show, which I love doing. There is just no way to take a bad shot of these performers! Join Me and come see the FREAKS!

On the adoring slave front, I've been spending a lot of time with several new worshippers. The footslave ray sent $50, slave joe sent $250, and kossack sent $100. I had a twisted live session with karen in the School Room and White Room at House PANOPTICON - what a naughty girl, she needed to be punished and taught a lesson! After catching this bad girl with porn and other contraband, she was sent to the clinic for an examination she is not likely to soon forget!

Don't forget, 'Meeting the Mistress' is on Friday, the 11th, at Nicky Blaine's Martini Lounge in Indianapolis. Ms. Bella Felonious and Lady Phaedra from House PANOPTICON will host with Me! Many Female Dominants of all experience levels and lifestyles attend this monthly gathering. Most are not professional Dominants, but a few are. They are all attending with hopes of meeting new submissives, come and meet Them!

~ The Mistress Moth...

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