The Perfect 3-Way  

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10/30/2005 5:01 pm

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The Perfect 3-Way

Ben and Sabrina drive up to visit me in Tucson. We meet at the club and talk for a few minutes while they get drinks. Then we head back to the pool table for a few rounds of 3-way pool. Ben and I admire Sabrina's butt as she leans over to shoot and I can feel their eyes on me too when my turn comes. We all try to play it cool, but the long glances and quiet smiles make it clear where our minds are.

Next, it's time to dance. The music flows around us as we tear up the dance floor together. A few people notice us; both guys and girls pause for a second look. After a couple songs, we head back to our drinks and chat some more. I say something funny and Sabrina steals a quick kiss and then gives Ben a meaningful smile. He begins to kiss her. I step behind her and gently kiss up and down the back of her neck. As their tongues intermingle, I pass my hands softly down Sabrina's smooth body. People around us are staring; it's time to find a better spot.

We peel ourselves apart and head for the parking lot. I hop on my motorcycle and head towards home as Ben and Sabrina follow in their Corvette. When we arrive, I give Sabrina a quick tour, ending in the bedroom where Ben is waiting with his shirt off. Sabrina pounces and begins kissing him while undoing his pants. Ben lays back sideways across the bed and soon Sabrina has his cock out. I massage his balls and the base of his shaft as Sabrina takes his head between her soft lips.

Sabrina is on all fours on the bed next to Ben. Her body sways deliciously as she runs her tongue up and down Ben's cock. I slip her shirt off and begin kissing her, from the shoulder down onto her ribs and her side, until I reach her skirt. That too falls away as I proceed down over her hip and onto her butt. Quickly, between strokes on Ben, Sabrina tugs her panties down to her knees. I help remove them the rest of the way and she swings a leg over Ben so that her gorgeous pussy is right above his face.

I continue kissing around her butt and then up onto the small of her back. Sabrina is getting wetter and we can tell. I yank my pants down and bring my already stiff cock to Sabrina's crotch. She gasps as it gently nudges her, then finds its mark and slides within. I move in and out slowly while running my hands over Sabrina's back, briefly darting a hand under to massage her soft breasts.

Sabrina is bringing Ben closer to orgasm, and he has seen enough. He grabs Sabrina's butt and brings her hips lower, towards his mouth where he alternates between licking my balls and tickling Sabrina's clit with the tip of his tongue. My excitement continues to rise and suddenly Ben explodes. Sabrina cries out in surprise and he smothers his tongue over her clit. Sabrina and I both begin to climax as she sucks the last bit of cum from Ben. Sabrina moans, tightening her lips around Ben's cock, and her vagina around mine.

I continue gliding in and out of Sabrina as the last tremors of her orgasm fade away. With a gentle slap of her ass, I slide out and collapse on the bed beside them. Sabrina rolls off Ben onto her back and the three of us lay there panting for a few moments.

Ben goes to the kitchen for a sip of water and Sabrina and I begin eying each other. When Ben returns I am reclining further up the bed with my legs spread. Sabrina kneels between them and tongues my rising cock. Soon, her lips are around me and she proceeds to give me the best blowjob I've ever had. Ben sits and watches for a moment, stiffening again, and then steps behind Sabrina, pulls her hips up and spreads her knees a bit.

With easy access, Ben begins driving Sabrina to orgasm as she continues doing the same to me. Soon, I cum. Ben follows quickly, and then Sabrina. Ben withdraws and falls onto the bed beside us. Still on her orgasmic plateau, Sabrina wipes some of the moisture from her crotch and then kneels over my face, lowering her pussy into my mouth. I squeeze her butt with my hands as my tongue runs up, down and around Sabrina's clit. Her moans get Ben's attention and he begins stroking my cock with one hand while teasing her breasts with the other.

Sabrina peaks again; her clit is throbbing with pleasure so intense that she must draw it away from my mouth. I steal a final lap of her dripping pussy as she notices my rock hard cock in Ben's hand behind her. With her hands on my shoulders, Sabrina lowers onto me, pushing Ben's hand down onto my balls. I burst almost instantly, taking Sabrina's body in my hands and pressing her down onto me further. As my orgasm subsides, Sabrina and I notice Ben's erection.

He stands beside the bed with his cock pointing over towards us. We crawl towards him, each sucking him from one side. Our lips move up towards the tip until we reach it and share a long kiss there. Sabrina's territorial instincts take over and she pulls Ben's cock further into her mouth. I move down the shaft and continue licking as Sabrina works her magic on the head. Soon Ben cums again and all three of us collapse on the bed together, completely spent and exhausted. The night could be no better.

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