Spirituality and Sexual Expression  

TheHungriestWolf 38M
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7/31/2006 2:12 pm

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8/29/2006 11:51 am

Spirituality and Sexual Expression

How many people think about how their sex life impacts their spiritual life? I would dare to say, not many. I am not being a snob here, because I am certainly guilty of this.

I went away last week to upstate NY for a week of sweat lodges with some Native Americans, among others.

In a nutshell it is an ancient purification ceremony that involves the hottest sauna of your life. You are there to purge your soul and body of toxic thoughts and chemicals.

One of the things that ways on my heart is how to live a spiritually satisfying sexual existence, and I brought that concern with me to the lodge. The ultimate question was, "Can I maintain multiple emotional and sexual relationships and still maintain a pure and loving heart? Or will I spread myself too thin and lose my appreciation for the depth of beauty in each woman i am with?"

These are certainly tough questions to answer...

What I was struck with were two very important dynamics, honesty and prudence.

It isn't hard to fill up your date book with sexual encounters. But the wrong person will drain you and drag you down. Sex in and of itself is not fulfilling. So, I am more committed than ever to ONLY have sex with women who understand and compliment me!

And most importantly, being completely honest with those women! There is nothing more draining on the spirit than maintaining lies. Sure, it is scary to tell someone that you are emotionally involved with multiple partners. The fear of rejection persuades you to hide that part of you. But, if you really want to live this dream, you have no choice but to get it out in the open. Some people will run from you, but those who stay will provide you with a much deeper satisfaction than you thought possible.

Any thoughts?


bipolybabe 56F

7/31/2006 3:02 pm

Hey, Hungriest Wolf,

You may be interested in contributing to the discussion here on polyamory (and you'll find other blogs on the topic):

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Check out my blog Bi-Poly-Babe for more sensual, sexual pleasure!

TheHungriestWolf 38M

7/31/2006 9:31 pm

Expect a post from me soon to your blogs. Wonderfully insightful! I recommend anyone who reads this blog to follow the above link to bipolybabe's blog

deliciousngood 65F
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8/4/2006 9:04 am

I am interested to know if you received any "visions" from the sweat lodge?

TheHungriestWolf replies on 8/4/2006 11:55 am:
I certainly did, but not in the cartoonish, LSD sort of fantasy way that some people do, or think they do.

I was raised in a very conservative Christian household. I was raised to believe that God judged His Creation and some of us go to heaven and some of us go to hell. when I left the faith in my late teens I was so enraged by this retribution thrology that I developed a disdain for anything Christian, including Jesus.

Of late I have a renewed love for Jesus and a thirst for knowledge of his life and teachings. But not what is in the bible, his real, historical life and teachings. So I have been reading and searching and rediscovering the greatest teacher i believe the world has seen.

So, in the lodge i was doing a lot of praying to the Creator to help me resolve all of my anger towards Jesus and to help me completely let go of my anger and disillusionment regarding the Creator.

Well, amongst other fantastic visions that hit me after leaving the sweat lodge and stading by the fire, the most powerful image hit me! Jesus came in front of me with the most innocent and simple smile. A feeling of unconditional acceptance and approval from him ran through my veins. It wasn't a vision, it was him! I almost fell backwards to the ground, but found my self rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the drum and the prayers of the medicine man while I reveled in the joy of forgiveness and sweet renewal of my relationship with the great teacher, Jesus.

He went away and I found myself starving for him to reappear. I tried to make him reappear as people often do with visions, but of course, that doesn't work. But all of a sudden a new face appeared in front of me. it was Moses! He looked at me sternly and I know what he was trying to say.

I am a born leader and the human species is on the precipice of a rather significant social revolution. I am going to part of the leadership of that revolution and I struggle with my role. Moses was telling me to get serious!

Those two visions and their unforgettable, piercing statements to me are forever branded into my conscious, subconsious and unconsious mind...

Have you ever had such an experience?

deliciousngood 65F
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8/11/2006 5:28 pm

WOW...no I have not.That is the most amazing thing to have happen! I can see you as some form of leader. Do you believe that people will one day be more energy than matter?

But back to the subject at hand....spirituality aspects of one's sexuality.

I once experienced a toality of one-ness with someone and could actually SEE the energy of that swirling around in the corners of the room.

TheHungriestWolf 38M

8/14/2006 8:55 pm

I wrote a new blog in response to your response. You are one of the most beautiful women alive! Common Ground

EvilEvilKitten1 63F

8/28/2006 10:00 am

I disagree with you almost entirely. We are NOT mind, body, soul/spirit as separate and distinct entities - we are HUMAN with everything intertwined. It is therefore impossible not to spiritually exult during sex as the mind rejoices! So snuggle up naked on the back deck with someone comely and slowly get totally drunk together while listening to Janis sing "Summertime"!!


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