Common Ground  

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Common Ground

In reference to
deliciousngood's comment inSpirituality and Sexual Expression

"Do you believe that people will one day be more energy than matter? ...
I once experienced a toality of one-ness with someone and could actually SEE the energy of that swirling around in the corners of the room."

Delicious, read "The Aquarian Conspiracy" by Marilyn Ferguson


A lot of New Age folks talk about the evolution of human consciousness one day leading to a world where everyone is "one" and we transcend our physical containment to experience a new level of consciousness that is connected and united. In this new consciousness we communicate freely through telepathy and we understand the universe through a language all it's own.

Will this be true? Hmmm... That is a good question. The answer, it is already true!

Who we are is primarily a question of energy. Our body is a rather insignificant aspect of who we are. It is a vessel for our consciousness which is a mere manifestation of the Creator's universe.

Some human's are very in tune with that reality, others are either ignorant of it or afraid of it for very good, yet unhealthy reasons. But you certainly don't have to look far to recognize it is real.

Have you ever fallen in love? Do you marvel at your ability to unconditionally love your family and friends? Have you ever communicated with an infant just by looking into their eyes? Have you ever felt a breeze and felt it speak to you personally? Have you ever seen a dog rush to the side of someone who is sad? Have you ever made eye contact with an animal and realized they are consciously interacting with you? Have you ever known that someone needed your help without them saying it? Have you ever been thinking of someone and the phone rings? Have you ever finished someone's sentence? Has something ever happened in your life for a reason?

There is such a profound energy flowing between everything in the universe and it carries messages and wisdom so ancient and so present that are there to nourish you. You are a vessel of that energy. You carry its wisdom, you share its wisdom, you help it flow and grow and evolve. You are no different than any other person. Your understanding and interpretation of the great mystery that rages through your veins and through the channels of your mind is all that is unique to you. But is it important? How do you rank your interpretation of the mystery?

So we know that this great energy exists, and most of us in some form or another try our best to be at peace with it. Some go to churches or synagogues or mosques or temples. Some of us abide by the teachings of a book. Some of us commit to a self-exploration. Others of us become addicted to work and money to distract us or do drugs or drink to silence it. Everyone has their own way of either actively trying to become part of that energy or to actively separate themselves from it.

Well, why separate?

It is certainly a scary thing to become "one" with the universe! Why? Well, in order to do that you have to sacrifice all of your selfish idols, break down all the walls that you have built and use to maintain a sense of identity.

You see, we build walls to protect ourselves and define ourselves. Walls of fear, pride, sadness, loneliness, anger, hatred, selfishness, greed, apathy, sympathy, victimization, misunderstanding, misplacement, regret, expectations, etc... We love these walls and hate these walls. We love them because we believe they are what makes us special and unique. We take comfort in the walls we build up around us. But we hate them because they trap in our energy and they prevent the great rush of healing and nurturing energy from flowing through us. God, we would love to feel that beautiful joy of being alive and connected to every ray of sunlight and every chirp of every bird! But what would happen if we broke down those walls and sacrificed our control over the flow of the universe through us?

Pretty scary!

Would I be faced with undeniable truths about myself, my friends, my family, my partner, my society? Would I have to make drastic life changes that may disturb years of "progress" in my life and possibly alienate those in my life who couldn't or wouldn't understand the true me? Very possible!

Could you choose to make those sacrifices so you could choose to be happy and choose to be what you are, a vessel of consciousness, a part of the whole and the whole in a part?

It sure as hell isn't an easy choice! So many people retreat from this intense endeavor. They run because they don't feel strong enough. They build more walls, they isolate themselves, they sleep, they medicate, they wallow in self-pity. But, they know! Everyone knows it exists! They know that they aren't a piece of flesh, they are ENERGY!

So, do we wait for some great revolution of consciousness to all of a sudden blast through the walls and open the pathways of love, telepathy and understanding? Well, that is somewhat of a rhetorical question, of course not!

We are primarily energy and secondarily matter. There isn't a thought or emotion in your body that is not 100% energy driven and conceived. Sure, the health of your matter definitely can cause you to suffer and disconnect, but don't waste too much time dwelling on that as the main roadblock. It is merely symptomatic of your spiritual unhealthiness.

So what reality do you embrace? You the person of physical and social definition, or you the vessel of unlimited conscious energy? You are the conduit for the Creator's Spirit that is living and breathing!

Have you ever considered that every word you utter, every thought you have and every action you take is your way of exercising the act of Creation with the same energy and beauty of the Creator, just on a infinitely small scale? Take a moment to consider that...

I suggest everyone take a moment to go outside, lie face down on the ground and feel your heartbeat begin to synchronize with the pulse of the earth. Once you are united with the earth (each beat of your heart and each breath you take in perfect rhythm with the Mother) imagine your heart being opened up and all of your insecurities and fears and idols and selfishness and misunderstanding and regrets and hatred just pours out of you right to the core of the earth. The fire of the core melts away every negative, unhealthy, selfish emotion. The soil of the earth filters your thoughts and dreams and your past, present and future and transfuses the peace that passes all understanding back into your blood. A new pure heart and mind, perfectly united with each other and the universe they belong too.

Stand up and breath in the air that holds you. Splash the water that all life comes from across your face and drink it in. Pray to the Creator that you never forget the feeling of being connected. Pray to remember!

Think about all that happened in your life that led up to you reading this blog all the way through and the feelings and thoughts that are rushing through your mind right now. Think about your first memory to this very moment!

Everything happens for a reason. Everything that has ever happened from eternity past is culminating right now in your life and in your thoughts and in your emotions. And with every breath and thought you are continuing the cycle of creation and the flow of the universal energy!

Don't allow yourself to run from what you are, everything!

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