Late Night, or Early Morning?  

TheHardDisk 39M
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4/10/2006 7:21 pm
Late Night, or Early Morning?

A friend called me up today and wanted to come over with his girlfriend. See I think I'd like to mention one thing before I go on with today's story. I'm one of those people that can understand and related to what's going on in this society. With so much pressure and hypocrism going on, it's no wonder that people excersise their happiness in seclusion or the very least by lies.

I have a friend who's girlfriend's family are very strict, and even though she is a young adult between the ages of 25 and 28, she is still afraid and carefull of what activities she does whilst away from family. Such as not having an open relationship with someone or such.

That is why the actions that I induce many here would consider me many things not good such as a pimp or someone with no decency.

I love my friend as a brother, and at the same time I know this girl is not what egyptians here call a "sharmoota" or a slut/whore. They have been together for a long time, but unfortunately they are not able to take their freedom in being with each other outdoors in fear of the girl's family might see her with a man.

So I did what most would consider as I mentioned above, indecent, and that is, I would have them over to my appartment but leave them alone throughout the time they are around, as if I was not around. So if they are alone in a room I leave them till the moment I sense they are moving around the place or my friend calls me. There have been times when I would go out for a couple of hours just to give them privacy.

Now I know what some of you might think, that oh he lets them have sex in his appartment. I want to cut you off there before you start judging. Both of these people are one of the most closest I know to my heart and what I am doing is nothing more than a friend wanting to please. Never once had I sensed that the girl was embarrassed and never once did I make them feel that what they were doing was wrong or that I felt uncomfortable.

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