The Fourth of July  

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7/5/2006 12:43 am

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The Fourth of July

Another Fourth of July came and went. I love the patriotism that everyone seems to have every fourth of July...from the Cub Scout troups marching in their local parade to the humongous BOOMS I felt as the fireworks went off in downtown Columbus. I saw our local parade...everyone that was anyone was there...passing out candy and handing out free coupons and stuff. The little kids still love the big fire engine as it passes with its siren on...and the cops are still checking out the boobs bouncing behind their mirrored sunglasses as they stand by the barricades.

Of course, love was in the air...servicemen were home for the holiday...some wearing their uniforms. The fireworks were especially hot last night...I was at ground zero getting the paper ash from the roman candles and the smell of the freshly exploded gunpowder. There was a couple that could barely keep their hands off each other and as I saw the could see their sillhouette. I tried to catch just the outline , but I don't know if I took the pictures correctly in the low light. Anyhow, I think I saw the earth move as the last of the fireworks shook the ground and I'm sure they did as well

I guess growing up near an Air Force Base in Columbus, I was exposed to a lot more of the patriotism than kids living in other parts of the country. Most of the kids in our class were Air Force brats, so I guess most of our classroom activities were geared toward kids that might be transferred out the next day. Anyhow, I remember us playing outside and the big jets zooming in to land less than a mile away from our school. I remember I had a huge crush on this one girl in 3rd grade...and I never told her. She was the girl all the guys had crushes on, I think Anyhow, everytime I hear the song,"Brown-eyed girl", I think of her...she's probably playing on some beach in Virginia barefoot in cut-off jeans or laying butt naked on some beach dune, defying every authority figure that ever crossed her. I could almost see her lifting her shirt and flashing her boobs as she drove her jeep down the beach at the lifeguard. I think it was her father that made her that way...most military brats are like that until they marry someone that is in the military...anyhow...whereever she is...I hope she is happy

I guess that is why I joined the Navy...I love the boats and the beach. They probably all started out as high school valedictorians, but they probably got into trouble because of some little West Point Cadet picking fights with them in a local pool hall, so I learned to live and let live. We are all on the same team, I think. I still think F-18's are the baddest plane in the sky(except the Stealth), but I'd rather be sailing.

I think I'm going to stick with my Bohemian life as simply as I can. Jimmy Buffet is my hero...I just can't drink Tequila like him. I think I saw a piece of swampland in the Everglades that looked like I could afford. Uncle Sam is great...only he doesn't like individuals having rights....except the few that live on the country club fairway.(write your congressman about the privacy act, electronic surveillance on the United States Citizens, and join the Electronic Freedom Foundation.) Oh, and if you send me a nude picture, make sure it isn't traceable Well, I guess I still am a PATRIOT. Happy FOURTH, everyone

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