Let's talk about food.  

TheCaspianLion 40M
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7/12/2006 10:31 pm
Let's talk about food.

Food I love. It's probably the one thing I like more than women. Heck food is my job even. If I was put on a tropical island and given the choice between bread/water/Carmen Electra and say a nice pasta alredo and a nice menu to go with it, for variety sake, I would take the pasta.
I think some people get the wrong idea about cooking. Anyone can cook a great dish. Not everyone can do it as a job granted, possibly even myself included, but if it's just your family a couple of nights a week it is really easy and a reward in itself. So do it, get a cookbook any kind, bookstores will usually have them on sale for cheap, and just do it.
So lately I've been thinking about American food. Just what the heck is this stuff anyway? Burgers, are they American? You would be hard pressed to find for me a dish that is authentic American. Barbecue I think is the only thing totally invented here. Everything else we stole or is a perversion on nature.
Every other society on this planet has such good food. I think Asian and Italian are my favorite kinds. The Italians of course got a lot of inspiration from Chinese noodles. Humans in the past, that is not Americans, spent a lot of time thinking about this stuff, it's evident when you look at things like sushi (which I love).
So why did we go wrong? Perhaps the technology and the business side of it. This western/modern appraoch, kind of fundamental facets of American culture outside of food, is completly wrong for deciding what we eat.
A problem for me is seeing Mcdonalds using scientists to produce flavors instead of cooks. In the end it's not surprising to me to see the obesity, something had to go wrong. I don't know about you but the answer is pretty simple to me.

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