Wow, 100 posts!  

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Wow, 100 posts!

That was #99, so here you go.
It's almost 2am and I am off to bed, leaving you with 100 little tidbits about yours truly.

Dedication: To Microsoft Word, for having a numbering bullet thing, which saved my ass from having to count for myself #101- Math was always my worst subject).

100 Inane (but hopefully somewhat interesting) Things About Me

1. Ella is a nickname.
2. My full name is Daniella.
3. Sasha calls me Dani.
4. No one else can call me Dani.
5. Sasha’s sister Bree calls me Dee.
6. Waiter S at work calls me D-Girl.
7. I’m not sure if he’s flirting with me a lot, or not.
8. Part of me hopes it makes C a little jealous.
9. I have longish brown hair.
10. It has natural red streaks in it in certain light.
11. I got my first white hair in 8th grade.
12. They’ve been multiplying since.
13. So now there’s too many to pull out.
14. But I haven’t started coloring it yet.
15. This year I grew my bangs out for the first time ever, I think.
16. I’m technically the middle child.
17. My older brother was born 2.5 months premature and died when he was 8 days old.
18. So I never got to meet him.
19. I was only 3 weeks early.
20. My younger sister was 3 months early.
21. The only problem she had stemming from that was a speech impediment when she was younger (it’s gone now).
22. I was the only one who could understand her before it got fixed.
23. So it’s strange to me we’re not closer.
24. There’s 17 months between me and my brother, and another 17 months between me and my sister.
25. My fav color is blue.
26. I’d love to get a little rainbow tattoo someday.
27. Too bad I’m a huge wimp when it comes to pain.
28. I wasn’t always as quiet as I am these days.
29. In 5th grade, I actually got in trouble for talking with my friends too much.
30. My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Beaulac, was awesome.
31. I was so outspoken way back then, he said I’d probably be the first female President.
32. I don’t want that kinda responsibility.
33. I’ve already got too much stress in my life.
34. And it’s mostly brought on by yours truly, herself.
35. I’m really very hard on myself.
36. If I do something wrong, so my boss has to point it out or correct me, I’ll usually spend a few hours mentally beating myself up over it.
37. I had to assure my boss that if I acted annoyed after he correct something, it’s because I was mad at myself, not him.
38. I’m writing these but I should be vacuuming the house before work.
39. I can never remember if vacuum has 2 c’s or 2 u’s, or both.
40. Thank goodness for spellcheck.
41. I’ve had stomach ulcers for the past 2 or 3 years.
42. They royally suck.
43. I’ve had tension headaches almost constantly since 9/11.
44. I used to take Excedrin Migraine every morning for the headaches.
45. I think that’s more what brought on the ulcers than anything else.
46. Now if I take even one dose of Excedrin Migraine, it wakes up the ulcer.
47. A weekly visit to the chiropractor and massage therapist is now helping me control my headaches.
48. I very rarely have to take medication for them anymore.
49. Drinking alcohol gives me a headache.
50. I’m a little drunk after 2 beers.
51. I don’t drink and drive, if I’ve had more than one drink.
52. I’d hate myself forever if I drove drunk and hurt, or God forbid, killed someone.
53. In high school, I never drank or did drugs.
54. But my parents always told us that we could call them anytime for a ride if we didn’t feel we were sober enough to drive home, no questions asked.
55. I never started using it til late last year, and have had to call Mom 2 or 3 times.
56. I’m over halfway there (wow! Not so hard ) so I’m gonna go vacuum now.
57. I give myself an allowance for chores.
58. I wonder if anyone else does that? Lol
59. I get $5 a week if I clean the litterboxes every day.
60. I get $5 for vacuuming once a week.
61. One week I clean the bathroom, and get $5.
62. The other week I clean the litterboxes and replace the litter, and get $5.
63. So I can make $15 a week.
64. I use the money to buy DVDs and CDs.
65. I want to complete my collection of South Park seasons.
66. I don’t have cable at home so I can’t watch South Park or other favorite cable shows like The 4400, the Animal Planet cop shows, Real World, and Road Rules.
67. Some of my favorite network shows are/were Alias, Smallville, all the CSIs, Law and Order SVU, Hell’s Kitchen, Supernatural…
68. Hell’s Kitchen is my all time favorite reality show, since I’m a chef.
69. I could never ever be on that show.
70. Gordon Ramsey would have me crying and begging to leave the show within minutes.
71. My self esteem is really quite fragile and newly developing, so I couldn’t stand all his horrible insults.
72. I’ve only recently begun to think of myself as something better than ugly.
73. I had really bad acne from 8th grade through high school, which wrecked my self esteem.
74. My dad had a pet store since before they had kids but superstores like PetsMart and PetCo put him out of business, so starting in 8th grade money was really tight and I couldn’t afford acne prescriptions.
75. Luckily I found a good combination of prescription pills and gels to keep it under control, but it’s taken a long time to change the way I look at myself.
76. Numbers 27 to 30 were leading up to this before I got sidetracked: In 6th grade, I was short-shorted by a troublemaker boy in my class- he pulled my pants and underwear down in the locker bay.
77. I filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him and got a lot of flack from my peers and the community.
78. I was the reason my school district adopted a sexual harassment policy.
79. Dad was furious and wrote letters to the editor and went before the school committee a number of times.
80. Dad’s never been really demonstrative or affectionate with us, but that incident really proved to me how much he loves us.
81. My parents stopped loving each other not long after my sister was born but haven’t gotten divorced.
82. But I’ve never seen them hug, kiss, say ‘I love you’, or like, even touch.
83. I sometimes wish they had gotten divorced, so that they could have a chance at happiness and love.
84. I couldn’t imagine being in a loveless (or sexless!!) marriage for 30+ years.
85. I’m running out of things to say.
86. Well it IS 1:30am, but I’m a nightowl so I’m never in bed before 1:30/2am.
87. I’ve never been one to fall asleep quickly.
88. It always takes me at least an hour.
89. I think too much and wish I could shut my brain off when I go to bed.
90. I’ve only kissed 3 guys and 1 girl, ever.
91. It’s pretty sad I’m a 25 year old virgin.
92. I think I’m a really sexual sensual person, or I could be in an actual relationship.
93. Unfortunately, I can’t have casual sex, but I wish I could.
94. I fall in love way too easily and quickly.
95. When I fall in love, it’s completely and whole heartedly.
96. I am a horrendous liar- I have no poker face whatsoever.
97. Plus I feel guilty a lot- and worry that I’m gonna get caught.
98. When I was little, Mom called me “Telly Monster” (from Sesame St) cuz I worried so much.
99. If we’d be driving somewhere new, I’d worry we were gonna get lost, and Mom would ask, “Have I ever gotten you lost before?” I’d say “Not that I remember”
100. When I was 4, I ran away to Auntie Jerry’s next door.

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Congrats on 100 post Angel.....time sure flys when you're having fun huh??...

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