I HATE not knowing what's going on!  

TheBadAngel22 37F
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3/6/2006 8:14 pm
I HATE not knowing what's going on!


(sorry for yelling but sometimes it can't be helped) To hell with seeing him today, I just wanted to know what the fuck is going on tomorrow. Purely work related. We're starting a new menu which I haven't see yet. How the fuck can I make shit if I don't know what the fuck it is?! Saturday night he said Sunday we'd talk about it after the function, and how the kitchen is going to work and his expectations. Sunday night he just wanted to leave so he said we'd meet up today and discuss it. I called at 3 on my way to Dr. G and he said he'd call me back later. Never did... I figured cuz it's work related he would. I'm a fucking wreck. I just sent him a text msg but I don't know if I should call him...? Damn it. And my sis is hhome sick so Mom's kinda tied up with that right now so I can't really talk to her about it. Fucking a.

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