Why do we pay taxes to keep people poor  

ThaRealLiv 44M
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6/1/2006 12:34 am
Why do we pay taxes to keep people poor

Sorry that E is supposed to be a question mark, but my computer is fucked and I can`t afford to fix it.

Anyways if you have a stake in large business, let`s just analyze tha title question, shall weÉ

How much are you taxed by tha government every yearÉ

Do you have any say on how that money is spentÉ

Do you think it is spent wiselyÉ

If you know anything about econo0mics, you know that the higher the aggregate demand is for your porduct, the better your sales will be.

Therefore, the wealth of all people is in the interest of every corporation.

For this reason, it is very necessary for corporations to invest in the poor to ensure the future growth of sales.

So why is this being left to tha governmentÉ

What incentive do they have to invest in tha poorÉ


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