The Gospel According to HANK!!!  

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6/5/2006 4:00 pm

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The Gospel According to HANK!!!

Oh Hungry?

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ThaRealLiv 44M

6/5/2006 5:11 pm

Alot of people get bored with their sex life so, they go out and spend thousands of dollars on sex toys and accessories!!Not me though!!I suppose certain toys may have their time and place, but I've never been one to brag about having a Star Wars figurine shoved up my ass, or whatever!!

For me, sex is one hundred percent attitude, bitch!!

Anytime satisfaction can't be found with pure sex drive, creativity and pushing physical stamina to tha limits, you are probably not with tha right person.

Don't let any woman tell ya different!!

If she starts yappin about how she loves a man with a sensitive touch and all that hogwash, just say "Shut tha fuck up, I wanna show ya somethin!"

If she's one of those girlpower types, just keep cool til she runs out of breath and say "Do want me ta show ya, or What?"

If she doesn't, fine, her loss!

If she shows any sign of curiousity, however, tell her ta lay on tha bed and shut up!!

If she continues to argue with you, just keep stickin it where it's at.

Tha more prepared you are to suck the brat out of her tha better you will be able to argue.

There's a fine line between giving a bitch what she deserves and her, however, so if you detect no sign of curiousity, it's probably cause yur a lamewad, and she has absolutely no interest in you!!

If this is tha case, just say, "whatever" and walk off! If she asks you to stay, you'll no she was fakin! If she doesn't, the bitch ain't worth yur time!

Providing you do detect curiousity, and you're masculine enough about it and she finally cowers and lays on tha bed nervously anticipating what you have in store, light a Winston, stand at tha foot of tha bed and begin ta drill her for information. If you don;'t smoke, pop a piece of wrigley's spearment gum, or anything that calms tha nerves.

Tha questions you ask will vary according to where yur relationship is at with her, and tha type of girl she is!

The key of asking tha questions is to try to get in touch with her deepest fundamental, often unexpressed needs!

If she's like every other woman on tha planet she will beat around tha bush to tha end!

You'll have to be aware of what her fundamental needs are to win tha argument!

Providing you have put enough thought into it beforehand, you should be able counter every defense she makes.

As you continue to carry tha argument further into tha pits of her desires, she will likely still keep her defenses up. It's in her nature.

Don't panic! You'll have ta break down her barriers to give her what she needs!

Keep your line of thought, and be sure ta overpower her mentally.

Keep puffin that Winston, and keep yur cool!

The defenses she puts up should inspire more thought!

Remember, you're not enemies here.

Keep tha debate goin until ya get her in a corner, and then lean over her and unbuckle her pants!

If she gives ya any flack, "Just look her in the eye and give her a stern, "HEY!!"

If you already won tha verbal argument, then she should have no say in this!!

The number one secret to giving anyone pleasure is awareness!!

No toy will ever replace it!

Stay tuned into her aura and be aware of every slightest microexpression and body movement, aa you continue to remove her pants!!

From this point, yur ability to pleasure her will depend on your ability to consistently and accurately respond to her micromovements and aura.

The more aware you are, the better you will respond to her.
Every movement you make will be in response to the infinitely immediate moment! What you do in that moment will always be different.

If you've put enough thought into sex, then there is no planning. Just owning tha moment, and allowing your natural spontanaeity to take over her deepest desires.

It should come pretty easy once you've gotten to this point!

While yur alertness soars and you feel the high of victoriously removing her panties, begin to blend your aura with hers as you react to her movements and work your tonugue to her clitoris.

Dominate her with the deepest animal within.

If you can follow her aura and movements you should Know exactly when to let off, pause, or give more!!

Think of sex as a direction and just keep going deeper and deeper down that direction!

When tha pleasure starts to become too intense for her to bear and she tries to squirm and get away, be sure to be forceful about it, and pull her back and thrust deeper yet down that direction! It's for her own good!

Continue to dominate physically and if she keeps trying to escape tha pleasure, continue to be forceful, and thrust yur sexual direction deeper into her soul as you elaborately lick all pertinent areas. Think in terms of infinite with regard to everything. With the physical structure of her vagina, think of an infinite amount of infinitely small places to lick. The more infinitely aware you are, tha more infinitely better ways you will find to respond to her reactions to tha infinite amount of tongue movements you inflict on tha pertinent areas of her body and sex organs. Use your intuition to forcefully drive deeper into her often unexplored sexual inner potions. If she starts to screamm uncontrollably, don't think your work is done. If you still have trouble with her pulling away, find a more dominating sex position such as standing her upside down, or holding her against tha wall or whatever.

Just be sure to drive deeper into unchartered territory, as unconditionally frightening to her as it is.

It's not that she doesn't want you to do this to her, it's just a natural physical reaction, like pulling your hand off tha stove or whatever!

If you get too close to her infinitely deep inner sex and soul, her reflexes will cause her to pull away. Overpowering these struggles is what will drive her mad, providing you continue to drive deeper down that direction.

If you ever sense that tha movement down tha direction becomes monotonous, immediately react, and change pace continuing along another direction. Everynow and then, throw in something out of tha blue like just holding your lips around her vagina and sucking with no motion and holding it, penetrating her with your aura alone.

Tha nature of tha experience will depend on how well you consistently penetrate her with every entity of your physical body and soul, and how far you reach into hers.

Let your senses guide you and have no mercy on her!!


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