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6/9/2006 10:15 am

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Streets of Gold

First Time living on tha Street!!
Day one!
Tha Suuun be Shinin!!
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ThaRealLiv 44M

6/9/2006 10:52 am

Whooo Hooo!! What a day! I put my stuff in storage, and have now officially left tha Daffodil Inn and am hittin tha sunny streets of Vancouver or Victoria. I haven't decided yet. Special thanks to Norm and Wife for tha plates of food when I was hard up!

Why such a good day, you ask? Well, after yesterday things were lookin pretty bleak! I had no money, nowhere to go, and it all was topped off by losing my tobacco. The fact that it was raining yesterday didn't make livin on tha streets one of my most pleasant thoughts. I just pictured what it would be like walking around aimlessly, alone in tha rain while I ran from wet ashtray to wet ashtray, dying of a nicotine fit with nothing to eat! I wasn't looking forward to it all that much!

I figured I could alleviate this problem by selling my Mobb Deep ticket and Cincinatti Bengals Jacket for 100 bucks for both, to help me survive til the end of tha month.

Before I did that, however, out of desparation, I went to check my bank account to see if I had a large enough balance that I could get a cup of coffee! Normally I would have just tried to buy tha coffee through interact, but I thought I'd check my account for tha hell of it just in case BOSS, whoever that is, happened to put money in my account! I wasn't really expecting any money to be there, since there have been times recently when I was totally hard up, and I checked my account and there was nothing there.
I thought I'd check anyways, but wasn't expecting anything.
To my complete and utter ecstacy, there was 120 dollars in my account! Thanks for savin my life, BOSS!! I promise, I'll spend it half ass wisely!
I figure since I'm not in any risk of dying or anything, that I will go see Mobb Deep, since they are just startin ta grow on me, and I may need that one show just ta kick my head inta gear!
It'll still be awhile before I can get my crap outta tha pawn shop to record anything myself, but that don't mean I can't still progress through listening to otha people. Kinda keeps me tuned inta things til I can get my own ass in gear!
Special Thanks to BOSS!!! Sorry for getting all carried away with tha world peace crap, and forgoing every other aspect of my life, but to whoever put tha money in my account, thanks for bailin me out a second time! I'll try ta make sure no one has to do that again. I will look for work soon, but I want to use the opportunity of living on tha street to do something positive with my life!

Since I hate to beg, I'm going to use this opportunity to take an alternative approach to panhandling! Today I will be making a sign that reads, "Too Lazy to Look for Work! Please don't give me anything!"
I was going to write Mobb Deep ticket and Cincinnati Bengals jacket for sale underneath it, but PRaaaaaaaaise Allah, I can just sit on my ass and make people think! Hopefully I can spread a little constructive love on tha Streets while I'm there, too! Since I'm not flat broke, I can go to Location A or Location J, for the occasional pay-visit ta blogland and keep ya somewhat updated!

Keep on Rocking in a Free World! Praisee Allah! Go Oilers! Peace and all that crap!


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