Shots in the Dark  

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5/29/2006 11:03 am

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Shots in the Dark

The other night I was just walking up to the hotel door when I heard a shot, near , but in the distance.

I'm sure it went unnoticed to most.

A few heads may have jolted in shock, but I'm sure that after they were thinking, "what was that?"

they resolved the shock telling themselves, "probabaly just a firecracker, or something."

While it may have gone unnoticed to me it caught my attention in particular, for..

I heard a female voice, near, but in the distance say, "hear that?"

As I stopped to ponder her words, I heard her say, "Mob"

From the tone of her voice I could tell the shot was an act of love, whether on my behalf, or someone elses.

Whether the shot was to frighten me or to comfort me, her tone was ambiguous.

I have no clear way of knowing whether the shot was fired into the ground, or in another direction, only that the shot was fired.

Since I sensed that the shot was an act of love, I realized that it did not matter which direction the shot was fired.

I have no way of ever finding out.

I felt colors today.

The shots remain in the dark.

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