Pondering a Daisy's Bloom..  

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5/31/2006 2:58 pm

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Pondering a Daisy's Bloom..

Lately I've been thinking about how Daisy Earthshaker came into my life.

In some ways it seemed out of the ordinary.

I have known lots of women in this country, yet none have ever been a match for me.

What is it about my upbringing that makes me so unable to relate to most Canadian women?

Why did Daisy appear when she did?

My first year of college?

Why had I never met anyone that beautiful before?

Why were we both enrolled in that class?

Why of all tha people in the class did she seek me out for that particular exercise?

Maybe it's more coincidences, or maybe someone who I didn't know, knew me and planned for her to meet me.

I have no way of knowing now.

I sometimes think that someone arranged for us to meet, to see if I was ready for that.

Of course, I was far from ready, and I missed the opportunity.

I'm sure who ever she is with now, is someone who is right for her.

You never know who's going to appear in your life, but I guess the most important thing is to be ready for it.

I guess I'm still not.

All I can do is continue to walk down the path that Daisy inspired, and see who appears next.

If I have the money, or the means to the money, and I have solved the war of my families, maybe I'll know what to do.

Until then, I'll just have to keep walking and do what it takes to survive.

I may be able to stay a week longer, depending on weekly rates, and hopefully I can find work in that time.

If I have to live on tha streets for a little while, then that's my own doing.

I don't fear tha streets, because I respect tha streets.

I don't screw with tha cops, and I don't screw with tha dealers, and I stay away from drugs.

I think some people see tha streets, and envision people jumping out of alleys and killing someone for no reason.

People on tha streets don't get killed for no reason. I could have something ripped off of me, but I wouldn't likely be killed.

The person who ripped me off will have made an enemy, but those scores are settled down tha road.

As far as senseless acts go, I think most people fail to see who is working the other side.

If an act of violence is senseless, tha streets won't stand for it.

Bikers have neices and nephews too, and if senseless acts are permitted, than anyone's niece and nephew could be endangered.

People fail to realize that people who commit senseless acts, have their souls taken, and are shot the other direction.

It might not happen today, it might not happen tomorrow, and you may never hear about it, but I guarantee it does happen.

It is how we keep our direction.

It is how pain is relieved in tha souls of the victim's family.

They hear about the death of their family member's perpretrator, and they find inner comfort as they carry on along the direction that is universal and holy.

It's a long road back from the other direction, but it is brought on themselves.

Our direction reqires love and security.

It is a matter of respect for all families.

Since I commit no senseless acts, all I have to fear is thievery, and I've got nothing anyways.

The streets are warm and tha people are friendly.

I help who I can, how I can, so I worry about nothin.

In the meantime, I look for work.

I may have to clean dishes, or mop floors, but it is all a means to an end.

When I have gotten to a point where it is clear I will not spend the rest of my life mopping floors, maybe someone like Daisy will appear again.

Society has worked together since long before us, and we never really know what our parents are up to.

If they love us, we sometimes receive guidance from tha distance.

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