Join the Academy, or You're out of tha Family!!!!!  

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5/28/2006 5:35 pm

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Join the Academy, or You're out of tha Family!!!!!

How about this one Dark Figure?

I just called my Father.

He asked about my living situation, implying that he cared.

I asked him what he's been up to.

He said he was writing a letter.

I asked who to?

he said, "AAAW you don't need to know."

I asked..Fuck it... I can't even remember tha conversation!!

All I know is when I asked him why he still wasn't AWARE of what I am doing, he didn't seem to care.

When he asked again what my plans are. I said, "I thoought I would stay with you for a month."

When he said, "AAAW I don't want anybody here, I told him that I kind of wanted to live on tha streets, anyways, to see how people live in tougher conditions."

Sometimes I wonder what I ever did to make him stop caring.

Other times I wonder if it was me.

I guess I'll never find out.

Or will I?

I don't remember tha flow of tha conversation too well, except that the emotional detachment made my "later" clear and cold. It made me feel strong.

How will that work out for me?
Does he not care because he loves me?
Or does he just not care?
What are your colors now?

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