Drugs Are a Business  

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Drugs Are a Business

Illegal Drugs Profit off the needy. So do legal Drugs.
I remember back in my mental institution days, how badly I wanted to take down the pharmaceutical companies. The doctors never let me explain anything. When I tries to tell them what the dark figure had done to me, they would only listen as hard as they could until they felt they no longer had any answers. I could see that they knew that I knew what I was talking about, but as soon as they realized I couldn't sum it up, they no longer knew what to do. After they concluded that I couldn't sum it up and was going in circles, their thinking had already surpassed mine. As their thinking moved forward while I went in circles, they would eventually get bored of hearing me talk and say that I am going to have to take medication.
This was far and away no option for me. My mother had resorted to psychological Drugs and I strongly resented her for it. When the doctors told me I would have to take them, I'd be like, "That's not going to solve this problem. I also had many ideas surrounding ending hate in the world, which they were unable or unwilling to network me to where my voice could be heard."
Feeling that their conclusion had already been made, they began to get more authoritative about me taking the medication, which led me to argue strongly. They would then give me an ultimatum. Either I take the Drugs, or they would tie me down and make me take them. Of course, I still refused, and became heated about what was being inflicted on me until I was tackled and a fierce struggle would emerge.
The police would eventually win, and I'd be pulled into the whiteroom where they sat on me and forced medication into my ass. I was then left in the whiteroom overnight as I banged on the door fiercely to get out.
My whole world was out there, and they were taking it from me with no conclusion to my explanation whatsoever. It was hell in there.

Today, I have surpassed that hell, but a business concept recently motivated me to take on the world. I made efforts to reach record companies, politicians, film stars, and AdultFriendFinder to let them know about my business concepts which would increase wealth for everyone. Today I still don't know whether or not I have actually reached them, or have been dooped by others on the site.

I feel that in an environment of trueness, the doops are eventually separated from the dooped. Yet I feel, that no one is clear as to whether or not I am a doop, or have been dooped, thus no one gives me any clearcut answers, and likely will not until they can call me out for what I am.

When I came onto this site, threatening to blow up the United States, I knew that it would be looked into, but at the same time, I knew I had to keep everyone's interest, to ensure that I would be able to have the necessary voice to remove the world of hate.

When I wrote,
Yo 50 Cent, you wanna Fuck with ME?
I assumed that since my profile was already being investigated by the FBI,
and Homeland Security that they would eventually inform 50 cent of the threat.
At that point I carried out dialogue, where I pertended that 50 cent had come into contact with my picture, and wrote:
You have Fucked with the wrong Motherfucka, Dude!
From that point, I used 50 cent as a character in my profile in a manner that the only person who would know it wasn't 50 cent, was 50 and those around him.
I guess what I was trying to say, was
From that point, I began to find the whole thing comical, and used 50's character in a somewhat fake stereotypical fashion, dooping everyone, assuming that those who knew 50 were laughing their brains out.
Assuming they understood me, I guess iwas trying to imply:
Doop never Dooped. Doop got Dooped.
From that point, I felt myself relating more to them than to people on the site, and went John Candy on all their asses, Making many enemies along the way. I lost that profile several times until I finally had to call the abuse team saying, "Doop never dooped. Doop got Dooped.
After I convined them that their were reaons behind ny dooping, they said That I wasn`t following the guidelines, to which I replied but Doop got Dooped, although not in those words.
Eventually I had to make a new profile which was removed eight times seven of which I phoned and said,`Doop got Dooped`
Don`t you understandÉ
I have nothing against anyone. Doop got Dooped.
I`m not really blowing up the United States. Doop got Dooped.
I`m not going to Kill 50 cent, or Houston, or the Hell`s angels
How many times to I have to explain thisÉ
Doop got dooped.
When I had my profile ad add up, and it was aimed at Detroit, and Grayt came to my blog saying, "Comment from the heart, Detroit`s got nothing.
And I replied, "Who's Grayt?"
followed by, "Yo Houston, you wanna fuck with me?"
I could clearly visualize the group of rappers from Houston that I saw on the cover of the source magazine cover, I think it was. I pictured their faces as I made the threat having a natural laughter based on, `whaaaÉ`
When I said Yo Hell`s Angels you want to Fuck with me, and I replied in the comments, ``C`mon ya ingrates, who`s bought more crack off ya than me. I practically paid for all those frickin motorcycles myself.`
I partially wanted to show people the fun in the criminal, since after all, Drugs are a business nothing more. They are aware of tha risks. And the Drugs are generally not forced on anyone. As long as there are needy people, there will be a market for Drugs. It`s simple economics. In this sense no one is really fucked over until they are dooped. That`s when they become needy. But the suppliers of the Drugs need not doop to stay in business. Society does that on their own. Alot of people have this illusion that Drug dealers are are super mean bad people from what they see on TV. Drug dealers remain in the shadows, so no one see them laugh and they make this assumption. I have known several people who have gone pretty high up in the Drug business, and no one would argue that they are not good people. They merely chose the career they did, assuming all risk. I have heard them laugh many times.
I pictured the Hell`s Angel`s more curious than laughing. In a sense I relate to all the people who I made these threats to because to some degree, I have come from the same world. I`m sure it`s obvious I`m not for real with the threats. Having the careers that they have chosen, does not prevent them from knowing right from wrong.
When I fully confessed to my guilty pleasure that took place over a decade ago I responded with the following chewing gum add.

It`s tough work being a celebrity hitman, but when I`m strung up naked, hanging from a tree, surrounded by a group of rowdy bikers hootin and hollerin and choppin their boltcutters, nothin eases my mind, like reaching behind my ear and pulling out a nice refreshing stick of Wrigley`s spearmint gum.

MMM MMM MMM Very Wrigley.
No, I meant...
Get him boys, AAAAH HAAAH HAHHH!!!!!
I wasn`t trying to doop them.
I wasn`t trying tell every criminal organization in the world to come cut my dick off...basically what I was trying to say was....
Someting simple. Something Pooped
Doop ain`t doopin.
Doop got Dooped.
As I said before, Drugs are a business. If someone has the money dealers have the Drugs.
I remember looking back to Steve from the academy, at how messed up his head was, and how people make the assumption that these things are all the result of Drugs. MAybe they are. Maybe they aren`t. But either way, the blame for this always lies solely with the individual, and not tha supplier. If Drugs become unprofitable, Drug dealers are forced to move into other businesses. It`s simple economics. The question of the economy lies in the individual`s need for Drugs, not tha supplier`s supply.
If everyone quit Drugs, criminals would have to invest elsewhere, thus creating economic growth.
When I look back to when I first ran out into the streets, waving my arms, many years ago, there was no one to listen to me except tha streets.
The streets were concerned, so I was brought to that hospital.
They didn`t doop me.
Doop got dooped.
When I was forced onto medication.
They didn`t doop me.
Doop got Dooped.
When I left and became needy, and addicted to crack.
Th cocaine lords didn`t doop me.
Doop got dooped.
When I say I can`t pay my rent, I`m not trying to doop anyone.
It really is more important right now. I wonder if Kyle knows thatÉ
My father had this buddy from the Mob, who everyone called Fishlips. They called him this, because he used to have this peculiar habit of crossing his eyes and sucking his sips in like a fish. My dad met him from tha marine corps, and has since lost contact with him. However, it would be quite easy for Fishlips to find my father. From tha top, someone can doop, without the dooped knowing who`s behind it. When I asked for I big mac, I found it peculiar that my credit card now had a balance of fifty dollars dollars. I have no idea who did it, but I thanked them nonetheless.
For whatever reason, my father was not dooped back by fishlips, probably due to a moral understanding. However....
After years of insanity I still ask networkers
Severely for no reasonÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ
Was he trying to doop meÉÉÉ
Or did doop get doopedÉ

I`ll finish the other posts when I can. Looking for bottles.

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