Cruuuuuuuuuuise Control  

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6/3/2006 9:53 pm

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Cruuuuuuuuuuise Control

Today I read an Article in tha June 5th issue of tha Weekly World News.There was an article about nicole Kidman in it, and tha photo got me extra extra hot.

Ya ever talk to a girl, or if you are a girl, ya ever talk to a guy, but in this case ya ever talk to a girl, where ya can't tell her what yur thinkin?

Maybe yur at a beach and this really big ass body builder chick comes up and flexes her muscles, and says, "Yo punk!!What are ya listening to?"

Yur frightened by her size, so ya feel obligated to answer?
But ya just bought tha CD, so ya don't really know tha name of tha song?
So ya answer,"I think it's called,Southern Rock mixed with tha hip hop"
Then she spits out a spurt of air and looks at ya like yur pathetic...
She then says, "Do you Work out?"
And ya say, "Well I kinda do, I mean, not right now, but..."
Again she looks at ya like yur pathetic.
She then starts to talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
Suddenly yur interest is seemingly sparked.
Since yur life has similarities to this couple you figure, man, I could really get into this conversation.
However as tha conversation develops, and despite tha fact that she looks like Hulk Hogan in a bikini, ya can't help starin down at her bikini bottoms.
You know yur interested in tha conversation, yet as she speaks a topic which would othewrwise be familiar, all that's runnin through yur mind is sayin fuck all this talk bullshit, and kneeling down and biting her bikini bottoms and tearing at them like a ravenous dog until they finally rip off andyou begin to devour her and satisfy yur hunger for her, even though you haven't gotten her permission.

You know that if you tried such a thing she would hit you into tha sand with her fist, yet the thoughts still prevent you from following what she is saying.

You keep responding, "Yup. Yup." even though you don't really know what she is saying,a nd ya just die, cause you can't express yur true feelings.

I wonder what Nicole Kidman would have to say about all this?
When one love ends, and another begins, does that really mean tha first love is gone?
I don't think so.
I think tha love is always there only now, tha circumstances have changed.
Kinda makes me wanna fuck tha the bodybuilder bitch in tha picture, regardless of what Tom Cruise says.
Nicole Kidman may think she's tough, and that hat and that bikini top in tha picture, are just as irritating to me as tha bikini bottoms, but Tom Cruise has moved on now.

I don't care what he feels for Nicole Kidman.
He just best be grabbin Holmy tight and keepin his eyes wide shut, while Livy be showin tha Kid who's BOSS!!!!!!!!!!

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