Chapter One  

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Chapter One

Doop and the Dark Figure

The Academy
April, 1991
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Once upon a time there were two cats. One named Doop, and one named Dooper.

Doop and Dooper thrived near the end of the post Fritz era with wild partying, sex, drugs and Heavy Metal just as music was starting it's rise into the mainstream.

The drugs they used ranged from frequent marijuana usage to occasional LSD and Liberty Caps. This was a time before hard drugs had made their influx into the Coe Valley.

Most of the partying took place at Doop's house as Doop was the first of his many friends to move out of his parent's house. This being so, Doop's home became one of the partying hotspots for teenagers and young adults.

There was always alcohol, and usually drugs. There was also alot of women and alot of fighting and alot of overall craziness.

Doop had left home and gone to a Northern training academy where he met up with Jackolyn, and had his first real spiritual connection with a woman. The training lasted 17 weeks, and was Doop's most self enlightening experience ever. He had become self aware, and realized he could accomplish anything he wanted to, but put most of his efforts on relating to people.

Doop had his own unique style of relating to people at the academy, and carried great feelings for all the people in the academy. While there were always conflicts amongst individuals, Doop was able to find the good in all these people, and mediate amongst them, favored by all parties. The group aura was happy and positive and men and women's true souls flourished. The love in Doop's heart had reached it's ultimate high point at a time of very low alcohol and drug consumption.

This would all change when a dark figure entered the academy in the second semester. Doop had been peculiarized when he noticed that Jackolyn was in a panic, that someone devious had been delving into people's inner space with the motive of destroying the love that exists inside them.

Doop was at the highest point of spirituality and morality in his life, and the nature of this dark figure that she described did not phase Doop. Doop would come to talk to the dark figure the same way he did with every one else, believing that he could find the good in him also.

In their first verbal encounter, The Dark figure asked if he could ask Doop a personal question.
Doop answered yes. He spoke openly to everyone, and felt that the dark figure could not hurt him.

The Dark Figure then asked why are you in the academy?
Doop answered, "To get a Job"
The Dark Figure then charismically said, "The academy will not help you get a job, I want you to think of THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE ACADEMY.

The academy taught jobseeking skills, by exploring our innerselves and discovering our true direction.

Humbled by the Dark Figures pessimism about his prospects of finding a job, Doop answered with his head down, "I guess I kinda found myself"

Already having obtained Knowledge about Doop, the dark figure then asked, "Were you kicked out of school?"
Doop answered "Yes"
The Dark Figure replied,"Why?"
Doop was already beginning to feel uncomfortable answereing these questions, but had become accustomed to overcoming discomfort in uncomfortable situations, so as to continue the flow of conversation.
He replied, "I skipped out alot. The principle put up with it alot, but this final time was the last straw."
The Dark Figure then asked, "Did your brother get kicked out of school?"
Doop replied, "Yes"
The Dark figure asked "Why?"
Doop, becoming increasingly supicious answered hastily that he has alot of problems.
The Dark figure then said, "You should have pushed your brother through School"
Doop replied,"Well that's his own thing. I've got my things to do, and he has his."
The Dark figure then asked, "Did you get kicked out of your home?"
Doop replied,"Yes"
The Dark Figure then asked, "Why?"
Doop felt a sudden yet brief twist of the mind before looking deep into himself and answering, "My mom couldn't really handle us."
Doop then shifted to foul thoughts of his mother and aswered condescendingly, "She says she's a schitzophrenic."
The Dark Figure then asked, "Is she on medication?"
Doop answered, "Yes"
The Dark figure then looked deep into himself and asked, "Do you love her?"
Doop shifted his course of thought to ponder.
He then said, "Well there's basically two ways of looking at love."
The dark figure then replied sternly, "NO!!There's only one way of looking at love when it comes to family. DO you LOVE her?"
Doop stopped to ponder.
He searched for the answer, but could not find it. He had forgotten where he had begun his course of thought and set into a state of confusion.
Unable to see anything about his mother other than that which he hated, Doop replied,"No"
The Dark Figure Replied with condescending force, "No?"
As the coversation came to an end the two began to walk alongside each other.
As Doop's thoughts began to move in an unfamiliar direction he looked over to notice the Dark Figure looking into himself as a grin of content began to show on his face.
Doop walked out the kitchen door to go meet his awaiting friends in the Academy Van, as his thoughts now began to race in this unfamiliar direction.
Although, as he looked to the sky in confusion, he began to search for where his train of thought had begun, he could not find it. Although not in his conscienceness at the time,...
Doop got Dooped.
To be continued...

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