Chapter 2  

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Chapter 2

Doop Searches For Sanity

After Doop had gotten inside the van, he sat in the backseat, trying to understand what had happened. He looked down, puzzled. This is not the way I usually think, he thought. Prior to meeting with the dark figure, Doops thought's always concluded quite nicely, and he carried out enjoyable conversation with the others. At this time, he was unable to conclude his thoughts. As the others joked and laughed around him, doop became more and more removed from the conversation. He could hear them talking but was unable to follow the flow, as his thoughts were moving in another direction. As he followed this direction in an attempt to conclude what he was thinking about, he was unable to. The thoughts kept moving in this direction as he became more distant from the others.

Shortly afterwards the Dark Figure approached the van where Sam, Kyle, Steve, Doop, and what's her name sat. He asked Kyle forcefully for a smoke.

Kyle was 6'4, slim with long dark hair. He had spent most of his juvenile life in jail, but in the time that he was out, he was a real player with tha ladies.

Kyle and what's her name had a relationship going. By this point it was running through troubled water, and they had several highly heated arguments. At one point what's her name pulled a knife on Kyle.

In tha previous semester, Doop sat and talked to him about it. Doop and Kyle had a close relationship. At one point, Kyle wrote several poems which inspired Doop to respond to Kyle with a meaningful poem to reach his heart.

Doop gave tha poem to Kyle when they were alone together in the TV room, and then left Kyle alone in tha room to read it.

Soon afterward, after Kyle had read tha poem, Doop was sitting alone in the TV room. Kyle reurned to tha room with a response to his poem.
Kyle had a strong character and personality, and Doop related well with that side of him at tha time. After Doop read tha poem, tears came to his eyes. At this point in his life, Doop felt he had a true friend.

As Kyle sat in tha Van, he looked into himself, and hesitantly gave tha Dark Figure a smoke. Tha Dark figure then said, "can I ask you all a question"
Everyone was silent for a moment until Sam finally replied, "Go ahead"
He then asked "Who wants to drown first?"
Sam then replied sarcastically, "what are you gonna do, use your voodoo dolls"

It had been said that tha dark figure was interested in writings on "Satanic Worship"

Tha dark figure replied confidently, "I don't have to. All I gotta do is go into your hut."
Everyone was silent.

At that moment Doop realized that his binder was in the Hut. Our binders contained all of our work that we had done thus far on self discovery.
This frightened Doop.

Tha group was about to go on a six day canoe trip, where they would all camp in tents as they rode their canoes along tha west coast of Vancouver Island. It took several hours for them to leave the academy at Snowdon Camp, which was formerly a correctional facility.

After tha Dark figure had asked who wanted to drown first, Doop took tha question seriously. He had already reached apoint to where he knew his mind had been spun in tha wrong direction and was now suspicious to whether tha same thing had been done to tha others. He wondered what it would be like in tha canoe if all of the other's thoughts raced in tha same direction that his was moving in. His fears grew in tha time that it took for them to reach their first camping site.

As all the others built a fire, prepared their tents, and arranged who would sleep with who, Doop's mind continued to race. Although they all liked Doop alot, they were beginning to feel a little frustration that Doop was not pulling his weight. They did not comment on it at first but Doop was aware that they were bothered by it. Still he could not stop his thoughts from racing.

As he lay in tha tent beside Steve that night, Insanity was beginning to set in, as his thoughts toggled between two directions.

One direction seemed spiritual and enlightening. In retrospect it was merely tha direction of simple sanity, yet it seemd beautiful in comparison to tha other direction.

When his mind raced toward tha other direction he could feel all of his previous thoughts being fragmented into more pieces then any human device would be able to count. His thoughts would then spin off into other directions where negative thoughts would come quick, one after tha other. He wouldn't have enough time to digest one thought before tha other one came. And that one would leave as yet another thought came. His mind was no longer in his control, yet he was very aware that something was very wrong and desperately searched his mind for his regular thinking.

Eventually the mania would cease and his thoughts would grow purified of tha other direction. Still, he would he would not be able shut off his mind and was not able to right into tha following morning.

When everyone had woken, Doop asked everyone to come together in a group as he had something to tell them.

He started, "Okay. You know how people are good, right? I mean you're good, you're good, we're all good here. But there are some people in tha world who are actually evil"

Doop began to discuss tha dialogue between himself and tha Dark Figure. The others were well aware of tha fact that Tha Dark Figure had been playing tricks on people's minds. What's her Name seemed to be tha strongest of all of them. She joked and laughed about tha things that tha dark figure said. She poke about how she completely told him off with everything that had been said to her. At one point she mentioned that tha Dark Figure had said he was from another dimension. "She said I'll say you're from another dimension, and then something about tha direction which I can no longer remember."

She looked to Doop in a glance to recieve his repsonsive laughter, only tha laughter never came. This would cause what's her name to search for Doop inside herself and search for further understanding of him.

As they discussed tha nature of tha dark figure further, Doop became increasingly troubled in trying to explain what had been done to him.
All the others were concerned, and tried to help Doop. As Doop gave an explanation, someone would always reply with a response, yet as Doop's mind had yet to be resolved, he would continue to explain further. As his mind moved down the other direction he began to express one negative thought, and then express another before tha first one had been finished. There were also several thoughts that took place between these expressions. Tha more he tried to explain tha more confused the others became with how to respond to him. The group was beginning to grow saddened.

As the events passed throughout tha day, again the others worked on the campsite, while Doop sat alone in search of himself. The others were no longer frustrated, as they were understanding of Doop's situation.

He could hear their joyous laughter, but was no longer a part of it. He was pouting as he looked deep inside himself wishing that he had tha person that he loved so much back inside himself.

He remembered how he had dicovered his true self for tha first time, and how happy he would have been to go back to tha Coe Valley and relate with people the way he had once learned to.

He continued to search for himself as the laughter grew distant in tha background. As his loneliness increased he would reach a point of anger and frustration.

He got up to go for a walk in the bush. He moved promptly into the depth of the forest, batting branches out of tha way, and carelessly stepping over logs.stepping over logs. Until he bent down and picked up a large log and continued to walk through the forest with tha log. His anger increasing, at tha fact that he had lost his connection with tha ones he loved so much.

He then took tha log and began bashing everything he could see. Breaking every stick that looked challenging enough to break.

He shouted. "I will never hurt people. I will never hurt people. I'll hurt sticks. And continued to bash every medium sized log in sight.

After tha bashing, he went to go talk to what's her name. After he told her of the event, "She laughed warmly with him."

What's her name had come to the Academy from Victoria, as Did tha Dark figure. Kyle had come to the Academy from Campbell River, While Steve came from Nanaimo. Steve was a smaller figured person with dark curly hair whose face was somewhat ratlike. Pointed at the chin with several scars and a rough face. He spoke in somewhat of a less skilled tone, much in tha way that a disabled person speaks, yet he had a sufficiently effective mind, albeit slower than average. He often cracked jokes that did not relate well with everyone else. Everytime tha group had a joke roll, Steve would end it by saying, "Survey saaaaayS!" and no one would laugh. Nonetheless he fit into tha group quite well.

On the second night, Doop again lay awake moving down this direction which he could no longer control. When morning came he was growing restless, unable to handle tha torment of what was happenning inside him. He would throw fits of insanity trying to get himself to return. Eventually the others would again sit in a group and try to council Doop back to health.

As they sat on tha beach, Doop would again try to explain everything.

To be continued...

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