Can't Keep my Eyes from tha Circling Sky  

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6/2/2006 5:25 pm

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Can't Keep my Eyes from tha Circling Sky

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Sports were something I've always been passionate about.

The sport that I always liked tha most was hockey.

I wanted to make it to tha NHL when I was a kid, but my dad said he couldn't afford to put me in hockey.

I still played it alot nonetheless.

I was usually always the first person picked when we picked teams. I was kinda tha flashy forward type.

I can still remember some of tha goals I've scored that blew everyone away.

I'm glad I had such a love for sports growing up because it gives me the adrenaline to do amazing things with my body when I need to.

I remember being in tha hospital once being bored as this guy was rambling on to this girl.

To deal with my boredom, I jumped up and pulled myself through a window frame at tha top of a divider, and held tha ledge, as I pulled my feet over my head and somersaulted through tha window frame and landed on my feet. I looked back the girl, with a slight smile.

I don't remember if tha guy was still reambling, but there was a certain hunger in tha girl's eyes as she looked at me, before I walked back inside.

I saw her again later.
I'm still not in tha NHL.

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