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6/9/2006 10:18 am

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Back in tha New York Groove

Tha Moose is Loooooooooose!!
Very Very Very important for
World Peace movement!

Don't miss tha comet!!

See comment!!

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6/9/2006 11:10 am


Purry {=}


ThaRealLiv 44M

6/9/2006 1:38 pm


ThaRealLiv 44M

6/9/2006 1:44 pm

Okay, I realize now, that I haven't been all that clear with people about the message I so urgently wanted people to send to the town of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There is something very very positive for Global Relations, about people chanting "ALLAH! ALLAH!" at the oilers home games, but I can sense people's apprehension about it at this time! Yesterday's announcent of the killing of Al Quada leader, Abu Magoo Quagmire or whatever his name is didn't help things much!

I want people to first and foremost understand that supporting Allah has nothing to do with supporting either terrorism or tha war on terrorism! I really want people to make the distinction between support for an almighty god, regardless of his name, and support for those who kill in his name!

First of all, people need to understand the catastophic effect that associating war and religion has on global tensions!

Many of tha people who are plotting terrorist attacks on our western nation try to justify these horrific acts by claiming it is tha will of God! This is no different tha tha Christian Crusaders who slaughtered men, women, and children in tha middle ages, or whenever that was, in the name of Jesus Christ or whoever! You know what what I'm sayin though, right?

There are certain groups of people over time who choose to interpret religious teachings in a manner which allows them to feel dignified for doing horrendous acts on humanity! They kill in tha name of GOD!!! This goes against all religion! Listen very carefully!

As these tensions grow between terrorists and counterterrorists, and religion is brought into it, many otherwise uneducated or unconnected children growing up in the middle east may begin to associate tha western worlds attacks on terrorist groups as an assault on tha Islamic religion or other eastern religions!
This could have catastrophic effects down tha road!!

People need to be clear on tha fact tha these people who claim to be killing in tha name of Allah, are interpreting the Islamic religion in a way that acts against the divine pursuits of the Islamic Religion!

It's no different then if we were to say we are attacking them in the name of Jesus!

There are literally hundreds of millions of people in the world who fall either into the Christian, Islamic, Hindi, or Seihk religions!

The only real hope for humanity is for all religions to understand, in tha name of a TRUE GOD, WHOEVER THAT MAY BE, that people all throughout history have interpreted God differently. There comes a time when followers of all religions must become humble. There comes a time to Respect the upbringing of people who originated in different societies.

As people from the predominately Christian Western civilization, there has never been a better opportunity to show people of the Eastern World our Respect for thier interpretation of GOD!

The Oilers are in the Frickin Stanley Bowl Finals, for Christ Sakes!!
I'm very very serious about this! Aside from what anyone's plans to do with the world cup are, everything I have done since March has evolved up to this day in history!!Missing the opportunity of Chanting Allah! Allah! in a stadium full of people, at a time when most of North America, is focusing on them, at an age where news of such an occurence can reach people all throughout tha globe, is like missing important, I don't know how to word it. You just have to think about what it would mean to humanity, if one side of civilization can, for tha first time in history, show mass respect for the other side of civilization.

This goes beyond those who believe that their loyalty to GOd requires them to look down on other religions!

This is about all of humanity sharing one GOD!!
It is not even important what your religious beliefs are, or even whether you have any!
It is about one half of civilization giving respect to the other half!
This is about true christians, and true muslims coming together to meet on the one true path to God! Love!

If people are fighting over how god should be worshipped, they are moving off the path of love and further away from GOD!
If you're Aetheist, Do it for the love alone!
Show that your big enough to put your western teachings aside just long enough to show respect for the name of God as interpreted by the Eastern civilization!

Put aside any feelings, or mistrust you may have of me personally and think about tha value of tha message!

Both sides of civilization coming together for tha first time!
We should all be humble with regard to tha subject of God! No one should ever claim to have all the answers no matter how they have interpreted their religion!

A message to Christians! Showing respect for Allah is Showing Respect for Jehovah! Think of it as tha same God! One true God, interpreted differently and given a different name! Be bigger then tha name!! Be bigger than religion! Show respect for people!!
Someone has to make tha first gesture of Peace! Remember this has nothing to do with terrorism, as terrorism should never fall into the realm of a divine spirit! This is all about the evolution of humanity!!!!
Tha time is NOW!!!
I have no access to a telephone, and acting alone on this will likely not go too far anyways. That's why I'm calling out to anyone, anyone at all, who has gotten this far in my blog posts!!Call the radio stations in Edmonton! Tha Tv Stations!! The Hockey team!! Tha NHL!!Tha Stadium!! Whoever you can to get tha message to those who attend tha 2006 six Stanley cup Finals featuring The Edmonton Oilers and tha Carolina Hurricanes!!Show respect for humanity! If your a carolina fan, and you're partial to tha wizard of OZ Cheer for God's Nasty side! Whhhhhheeeeew!Do it for Hurricane victims! HEll,it's your team, you come up with tha chant!! If your an Oiler Fan, Chant Allah! Allah!! Do it for non violent, God respecting middle easterners!!Do it for oildrillers from Alaska to Alberta to Texas to the Middle east to the world over!! Carolina, do it for New Orleans!!This ain't about war, this is about oil! tha world economy!!Repect for whitecollars, blue collars, dipshits, and all those holy! A brighter future for all!!
Trying to stop the war on terrorism right now, is like dropping your gloves in the middle of a boxing match punching flurry, and suddenly smiling and asking to be friends. The war on terrorism is not over!!
But tha fight for humanity has just BEGUN!!Keep em separated!Allah! Allah! or whoever.
Calllling Edmontooonn@!!!!!!!!!!
Please Reach this city!!I beg of You!!
It might just be tha greatest experience you've ever witnessed!!!
The first game is tonight!!!
Don't wait around for someone else to save the world
Figure out who to call today!!
Reach Edmonton!
Do it for everyone's children!
I beg of you!
We can do this together!!Now GO

rm_xxSpecialKxx 47F
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6/11/2006 5:54 am

Beautiful thoughts xxx kVPeace

Guess_hooze_back 44M

6/17/2006 3:40 pm

I doubt anyone will try to reach Edmonton though. People are apathetic taht way.

Guess_hooze_back 44M

6/17/2006 3:44 pm

I think it would turn a few middle easterners heads in interest, though. Couldn't be a bad thing. Still much more to do, but ya gotta start somewhere. No one can do anything alone, though. That's why I may just be wastin my time, but who knows. Edmonton plays game six tonight, but I have no TV o r any way of knowing if I'm succeeding at this. I am prepared to write an explanation in my blog as to why operation comet failed, but there are still possibly two games left. One of which will be in edmonton, I don't know which one.

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