F'n Incredible  

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6/1/2006 7:58 pm

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F'n Incredible

You'd read about it in a novel, a man comes across the profile of a woman online and contacts her. They message and chat back and forth but do to life's little quirks, karma or whatever they never have the opportunity to meet. AS it would have it they go on in life, he begins dating someone else, she moves in with a different man and moves out of state and you'd think all is forgotten. Over a year has passed, her relationship fails and she moves 'back home', His relationship had also failed and he had not been romantically involved with anyone during the entire time she had been away ( around 8 months).

Somehow he comes across her profile again which is under a different username but recognizes her photo.. and messages her. 'I want to see you, meet you'..He says. "I'm not going to let you get away this time"..

Again it seems like something is fighting against them meeting as she is obligated to family functions, missed phone calls etc.. Finally a date is made and wouldnt you know it His plane is late getting in.

He messages to her 'I am soo sorry' "It's okay she says' You're not in control of airline schedules. Then teasing Him she says 'I was so horny this morning' I plumb wore out the batteries on BOB.

You can sense the reaction on the other end.. *smile* - and He says 'would you like to come over?' VBG of course this IS just what she wanted.

'Love to' she says 'Tell me how to find you'.. and so she goes to Him. Sometimes you have to be impulsive and force destiny's hand - I did and I want you to know it was the hotest most incredible sex I have had in a long long time. Maybe ever.. Let me put it this way.. the man is divine in His oral skills, and was able to with the right touch of finger and tongue to have me squirting - between the 2 of us having drenched his bed we moved to another bed in the next room and christened that one as well. I think He was equally impressed, at least He told me so over and over. But even without words, the fact that He came 4 times last night told me how much He was enjoying Himself.. and as for me, I lost count.

Baby, You can trip my trigger anytime.

rm_anacortes 75M
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6/2/2006 12:34 pm


I guess you call that Karma..

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