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11/2/2005 9:01 pm

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I don’t know why? I just do. A lot of people ask me this question. Why do I like dick so much? Why don’t I like clit? I mean tasting clit is not the same as sucking cock; in fact eating clit is like sucking on a small Weiner. I need something to grab and to hold to feel and to shove in the back of my throat. I know that shit sounds disgusting but I just do. I have been sucking cock since I was seven and trust me all my life I have been yearning for it and wanting it craving it and thriving for it. All the guys I have ever encountered were married men with lonely ambitions, attached men sexually deprived and straight men with sexual desires.
I know, I know………call me a (Home wrecker, adulterer, slut, tramp even a bitch! If you must) I am all of the above, but in this case I don’t care. I am here on this site for one purpose to find someone to please every so often. When I give head to guys they love to shoot in my mouth because my tongue is waiting and has been milking the cow for it. When they shoot their hot load down my throat I go deeper until that sensitive feeling kicks in till the point were they push my head away cause their cock is too sensitive.
The way I give head is that I love to feel and grab and hold until the cock starts to grow. When it gets so hard I have to unzip the zipper just to let it out. Then the huge cock just jack-n-the box out or slinky its way out of the pants. Then the man is standing up while I am on my knees and his cock is staring into my eyes. I open wide and then kiss the head with my lips, that’s when I start to hear the moans from “HIM” as I began to lick the shaft with my lips and tongue. I grab the cock with both hands and slowly penetrate it in my mouth while it is slurping back and fourth. Then I go down and start slowly licking the balls with my lips and tongue as I hear “HIM” moan some more. Then “HE” grabs my head and starts to bounce it up and down like a rubber ball.
It is a thriving sensation to watch “HIM” enjoy my pleasure of giving “HIM” bomb ass head. Then I start to hold the cock and direct it down my throat. The cock is about 11 and a half inches of pure rough meat…………as I open wide and shove as much as I could down my throat. I feel my esophagus plunging open as it began to clog both tubes of my breathing as I pull the entire cock out of my mouth to take gasps of breath. I open wide and at this point I could feel my chest getting heavy from lack of breath. But this is my ad-dick-tion to give really good blow jobs no matter how bad or rough I could take it (cause I can). “HE” even notices that I love giving head just by the way I am working it and enjoying and loving it. Then without any further………I decided to down the entire 11 and a half inches of pure cock down my throat. I felt the balls pressing against my lips as I held the cock down my throat for almost 15 seconds until I pulled it back out. I started to choke and gag all over that cock and the more I choked and gagged the more juicer the cock got.
Damn, to be honest I think about cock every single day, I am what you call a “NYPH-HO-MANIAC”, I think about sucking cock, getting rammed hard and I enjoy every moment of it. Even when I am working I think about giving head to some of my co-workers just because we flirt a lot with each other and have a lot of fun doing it.
Now I have eaten girls out before I love the taste and smell of juicy clit, I don’t think of myself as bisexual or straight……….I just have the passion to make people feel good. I have played with a couple of my girl-friends and their boyfriends. Just the thought of having a man fuck his girlfriend while I am under her licking both her clit and his cock is such a major turn on and having him bust his nut down my throat. I only had one encounter based on that life long experience I will never forget.
I have swallowed guys cum before and tasting it, slurping it and drinking it just made me whole. I had this one time experience where two guys busted their nuts in a shot glass filled it up completely as they both watched me down that shit, they were surprised and had this astonished look on their faces while I drank the last drop of cum in that shot glass. My home girls totally had this look of (I will never do that shit) expression on their faces, it was amazing cause I had the nerve to drink up all of their cum.
My nick name is the “HUMAN VACUUM” because every time I give head to a guy as he starts to nut I suck all that cum right up. Sometimes when “HE” nuts it spills on “HIS” shirt, clothing, skin or cock as my tongue starts to pick up and suck up every drop of cum surrounding “HIM”. That is why I am known as the “HUMAN VACUUM”. I just love when a man screams in orgasm because it turns me on more to know that I did my job right by giving “HIM” the best blow job “HE” will ever receive in “HIS” life. I have had the best times and experiences with a lot of straight and bisexual men who where married or attached cause whenever their girlfriends or wives sexually deprive them that is when they come to me. These men even give me good compliments by saying something like “Damn, you give better head than my wife,” Or, “you should teach my girlfriend to suck cock like you do”, I mean not to brag but I haven’t had a complaint yet.

whittierlatino 45M

12/8/2006 12:29 am

Hay now sucking on clit is the best im like you in many ways only diffrence is i LOVE TO EAT PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

be safe whittier ca 562

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