Home Sweet Home  

Tempt_Me_Now 51F
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5/16/2006 7:34 pm
Home Sweet Home

Is there anyplace as nice as home?

After getting home and doing laundry it was relax time and zone out.

I have made contact with Wednesday's date and had some hopes before I left on this trip that the mystry man would have left a pic, and maybe i could have had another date on Friday. Alas, no pic and time was wasted. Might have to call "G". Those that know me and have talked with me know that "G" got her name because of how she can make me cum.

"G" and I go way back and have the understanding that if either of us need a stand in we are just a call away.

I was asked today why i do not want to know about the guys that i am with. To me that signifies an attachment. I do not want to have an attachement and can't see wanting one in the future. Every body gets horny and although one can please themself easy enough, you still need a hard cock or in mens case a pussy.

In the past I have found that if you get to know the person than there is a level of expectation that you will call again or would like to meet again.

I do not give out my phone number for that reason nor does anyone ever come to my house. If you do not know where i live or how to reach me other than email than it is easier.

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