Memorial Day Weekend  

TellinTheTruth 52M
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5/26/2006 12:24 pm
Memorial Day Weekend

Well while most on here will be spending time at cookouts, family get-togethers or just having their own private parties at various hotels, motels and other places - I'll be at home along -- again. Seems already the wife "has plans" for most of the weekend with "girlfriends" and "family." Yea, right! Okay anyone that knows her knows she hates her family. And the only girlfriends she has are from work and most of them are married and not doing what she is.

Just once I wish she'd be straight and say, "Hey I'm fu**ing around and not going to be here for the next 3 days. Go get laid, okay?" Ah well - guess that's just beyond the capacity for some. So we all have to sneak around on here, don't we?

Well congrats to those that tell the truth or have already made arrangements so that it's out in the open. Guess you really do have something to celebrate.

So if anyone wants me - just look for the only guy left alone in Waterville, OH on a 3-day weekend with the only p*ssy being two cats ~lol~

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