sitting on the dock of the bay.....  

Tejinashi 46M
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3/19/2006 10:21 pm

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8/15/2006 10:19 am

sitting on the dock of the bay.....

Watching the world go by day by day.....

Great song. Wish it was remembered by more peole, and never ever used for 'sampling'.

Anyway - on to the otehr news. Moved out and moved on it would seem. I am no longer living with the ex, and the weird thing is this: we get along better now then we did as a couple under the same roof. *shrug*

But, my big news is that I have not had a smoke since friday morning at 9:00am. As of this post, that would make it 2 days, and 7 hours.

Not much by many standards, but I have no cravings, no radical mood adjustments, just a simple hungry and horny appetite.

Wait - that's from being a guy, never mind.


BbbiBabyGirl 47F

3/30/2006 10:41 am

Horny u say...mmmm..seems that's going around.....

Oh ya spring

Looks like a few of us our going thru changes, I'm looking at movine at the end of April will know more about where next week, just waiting for my application to be approved.

Holy cow, my own place. Wow lost of changes goning on.

Congrats on the smoke free life, and the new place.
Keep in touch my friend.


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