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Tejinashi 46M
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10/1/2005 12:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Been gone awhile

Well, here we are again after abit of a creative dry spell.

Alas, I don't really have anything to rant about right now. My noggin is simply getting more and more full of questions these days. Not enough answers to go around it seems.

If anyone wants to take some shots at answering these, then here you are -

- How do define the end of a relationship ? My ex and I are still really good friends, I've seen other people (hook-ups only), she doesn't seem to mind, we still are casually into each other, and have agreed not to hurt each other because it would be far too easy after a 5 year relationship. The catch is, I can't really afford to move out, and am not sure if I truly want to. She still means alot to me as a friend. Confusing ?

- What's the easiest way to figure out if someone is involved in a couple without offending them or possibly fracturing the situation that might already exist between you and them ? I know you could reply with simple ask them, but that doesn't seem to be an option with this one woman I'm interested in.....

- How do you determine if a job possibility is a good thing or not ? Is simply more pay the criteria, or do you look at job satisfaction as well ? I have a cool job, but have gotten offers that would involve moving, but getting a couple bucks more (around 2-3k a year more). I don't think it's worth the disruption to my life, but what would other people have chosen is my question.

Anyways.....since I created this blog awhile ago, I just wanted to bring people up to date a little bit and remind you that the wizard is still in, I'm still around, and still pondering the nature of the universe versus us and how it all fits togethor.

This could take awhile........


BbbiBabyGirl 47F

10/1/2005 10:05 pm

Well well well....pondering the nature of the universe again...mmmh....that's as bad as the whole void issue which could go on and on and on. The void is only one part of the universe. You need to catagorize each section, then answer that before you can figure out the natuire of the universe....sounds like you are on a life long quest, cos just when you think you have discovered the answer the whole thing disapears into the void and changes.
Okay I'm rambling. But I'm rambling with a smile on mmy face.
-BbbiBabyGirl (Hitomi)
PS.I still want the translation to what you put on the message board

BbbiBabyGirl 47F

10/1/2005 10:10 pm

found the quote I really want to hear the translation
Go seichou arigato gozaimasu
-BabyGirl (Hitomi)

Tejinashi 46M

10/3/2005 11:30 am

Still thinking about the void eh ?

Sort of ironic - like thinking about nothing.....

FOr the quote, I geuss you'll have to ask me in person

Besides, my hungers are still unabated in many ways. Knowledge, Longings, Desire, and Lust.

Given time, all things become clear.

You have learned that the hard way lately

Good travels, and stay safe - see you soon. We just need to figure out the next get togethor.

BbbiBabyGirl 47F

10/14/2005 2:24 pm

It can be arranged. It will be arranged. I am deranged. 69hrs without a smoke....omg
I need a good bit of

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