Ahh, crap..*cries in a corner*  

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7/17/2005 11:20 pm

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Ahh, crap..*cries in a corner*

Okay, I dont know how to feel, cos honestly, I dont know what happened. Was at a friends house when a friend of ours came over to hang out. Then later on a friend of mine came over with his friend, but my friend was chillin inside with her friend, so I left them alone, ya know thinkin they were gonna do stuff.. (yeah theres gonna be alot of them's and friend's dont wish to name names') So my friend and I were *cough* us your imagination, when his friend came out and told us that we were gettin kicked out, we just looked at eachother and were like.. o-kay. So we get dressed, and go inside. They leave and I go to her room, say her name a couple of times. She doesnt answer, so thinkin she was ignoring me, I tell her Im leavin.

So my problem is, I dont know if my friend is mad at me or not, or if she was just upset cos her friend left and she was left with no one.. I dunno, Im sitten here in a tizzy thinkin about it. I didnt try to hurt her feelings, and I feel like an ass and all, and so I dont know what to do.. I guess Ill just have to wait till tomorrow..

*cries cos shes upset that she might have hurt her friend*...

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