Made it.  

TeddyBaral 54M
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6/4/2006 9:26 pm
Made it.

Well, I made it to my destination in Ontario. The trip in was great. Although the plane was full I managed to sweet talk my way into a seat in the same row as the emergancy exits so there was only two seat where there should have been three which means more leg room and room in general. Now, I'm a big guy (6'1" and about 250) so the extra room was a nice bonus.

I'm settled into the accomodations provided for the course. They are pretty basic but comfortable enough at least and thats all that matters. There is even a free highspeed internet connection in the room so now I can download all the porn I want. lol But more on THAT later.

I've heard from my new lady friend back home and things still seem to be going along swimingly. We hope to meet once I get back and I'm sure if that works out well we will be taking it further as time and circumstance allow. She is still wrestling with this whole idea of "cheating" and I know where she's at. I've been there before although I've only done it once before. I know there are many on this site who will condemn me for it but the fact of the matter is that I'm the only one who has to look myself in the mirror and I can do that quite nicely thank you very much.

I'm sure I'll get much more into the whole topic of "cheating" and how people view women and men who do it differently. It's another sore point with me and one in which I could go on at length when the time is right.

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