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8/24/2005 10:53 pm

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Forgive me but I think I must've snagged a thorn when I tried to explain the definitions of Meet and Greets, and parties. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I would like some input.

When I started to "hold" these meet and greets back about a year ago, it was because certain friends wanted to come to town to meet others in the Mt Zone and so we would say we would meet at a local bar for drinks to get to meet them. Before I knew it we would have sometimes up to 40 people attend. Some of these folks would call me or email me wanting to know exactly what these meet and greets were. Some questions came from single men thinking that it was strictly for couples and other questions were from single females wanting to know if they would be obligated for anything more than a drink. My answer was no on both parts.

After, these singles would show up and made to feel comfortable, word spread about how much fun it was to get to meet some of these folks with no agendas or expectations. We usually went to a bar and did Karaoking. I never karaoked before doing these meet and greets and I thought it was a lot of fun to see fellow AFFers get up and sing too. It was a hoot. Sometimes, we would close the bar down and go for breakfast afterwards. Our friendships grew from this and they became a regular occurance. Happening almost every weekend. Sometimes, someone else would post that they are meeting at one place or another.

Then the pettiness started and people thought that certain ones (myself) were "controlling" these meet and greets. So I backed off and asked for other suggestions from fellow members in the group. All of a sudden the meet and greets came by private invite or were opened up to more people than fellow AFFer's and they turned into more than a simple meet and greet. There was once that we went bowling instead of karaoking and that was a hoot! But all in all, I think the main definition of a meet and greet went by the wayside.

It was not meant to be a family outing. It was not meant to be a company picnic. It was not meant to be an orgy. And it certainly was not meant to hurt any feelings. I think these issues have become a mountain when it should only me a mole hill. And I am looking for better interpretations of a meet and greet.

Then there is the private parties, where they are held in motels, or houses. Those are awesome. I'm just sorry we don't have more of those in Casper. Then those that have met at the meet and greets could actually "hook up" with others if wanted. We haven't taken ours that far and maybe we should consider that. The only problem I see, is that most of the folks in Casper know too many people and having a private Swingers party would definitely get out in the rumor mill faster than the rumor that Olive Garden is coming to Casper. So we have to be careful. Going to other locations an option? Hell yeah and that is why I think its great that others are hosting these.

And then finally there is the BIG annual parties. I remember the first one that I went to about 4 years ago was a Christmas Party hosted by DaBears in Cheyenne at the Hitching Post. What a great party! I met a lot of the people we are friends with now and there was a packed house. There were trinkets and prizes for most all that attended and sat on Santa's lap. Most of the women even got wonderful kisses from the tall Santa. I thought it was the best party that I had ever gone to. Then the next party was the St Patrick's Day party in Rock Springs. This was huge too - held at the Holiday Inn with lots of folks in the Mt Zone in attendance. Then Casper hosted the Halloween party that year. They did not have a campout because 2hot2bnwyo decided against hosting it that year. But LindyandTrouble and widwestcpl hosted the Halloween party and again, it was the best. Lots of folks from all the states came and had a great time. The Dabears hosted the annual Christmas party but this time it was held the weekend of Thanksgiving and unfortunately, we were not able to attend... I heard that it was another hit and then Dabears moved to Longmont and joined with DaBeaches and One4fun (I think that is their handle) and they formed the Rocky Mt Parties. They put on one hell of a Mardi Gras party I heard and next year I am hoping to attend. Widwestcpl and lindyand trouble continued to host the Halloween parties and all of them continued to grow. 2hot2bnwyo also decided to start hosting the campouts again and those also became a hit.

So, I guess what I am trying to get at is that everyone is trying to have fun. Some more than others. We try to have venues for everyones comfort levels. The parties take months and months to plan, not to mention money. This year I found out that Laramie is hosting a Halloween party and so is the Rocky Mountain Parties. Many folks may not be able to attend all of them and therefore may attend only the ones that are local. Unfortunately that will decrease the attendance significantly on the hosts that are planning and putting these parties on.

So I ask? Suggestions? Do we want to discontinue having the larger parties in lieu of providing smaller more intimate parties? The costs for these may go up more if so. I do not want to take away from the smaller parties nor do I want to create hardships for others. I am sorry that we had not all consulted with others before planning these. Maybe instead of Halloween this year we should do a New Years party or something. I don't know the answers and I am hoping that I can start some discussion of what people want. I personally like meeting some of the people that we chat with from afar...such as Pueblo, Grand Junction, Helena, Billings, Idaho Falls, Salt Lake City, etc. And on the other note, I enjoy going to their BIG parties also, but maybe the cost of gas has gotten more people staying at home rather than driving far to meet people. Again, I don't know.

Speak up!!



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8/26/2005 6:33 pm

Teddy- As host of the annual Halloween Party here we agree whole-heartedly. I feel that planning a large party does take some time, not to mention money. The first year of our Halloween party there was almost 200 people there and man that was great to meet the others that we just got to chat with and our host establishment was more than happy to have us there. Which lead to hold the second Halloween party in the same place. It was a great time also and made lots of really good friends.
We feel that anyone should be able to throw out a suggestion about the meet and greets. The bowling one we suggested and did was great fun. And like you Teddy, said the St. Patrick's party was our first and it was Like the idea of getting a bunch of people together for a party.
And as far as the price of gas, yes it is extremely high but you have to pay if you want to play.
We love the meet and greets here and maybe it should go farther in some situations.

rm_VinnyRay58 59M
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10/15/2005 11:37 pm

Never attended one yet, and as a newcomer I would be more inclined to attend teh smaller more intimate event. Bowling, Drinks, Karoke, whatever. As you pointed out.. Fun is the main objective of the Meet and Greets... and I spect to meet also

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