Smokers in Canada will remember 2006  

TechSteve 50M
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5/24/2006 5:55 am

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Smokers in Canada will remember 2006

This month, smoking has been in the news a lot in Ontario, Canada.

Heather Crowe, the waitress who got lung cancer in 2002, died this past week. Her cancer has been blamed on her being exposed to second hand smoke while she worked in restaurants and assorted related facilities.

She had to prove to the government that her illnesses were job related and she won her case.

She was involved in many non smoking campaigns and spoke on radio and television.

She wanted to live to see a day where smoking would be outlawed in all public places.

As of May 31, 2006 in Ontario, the biggest province in Canada, all smoking in public places is outlawed.

Before this law, it was up to the individual municipalities to outlaw it, and some of them decided to not make changes.

I am a non smoker and I am all for this new law. Many times in my past, smoking by others has ruined my outing.

I am not without compassion though.

I think the government should subsidize stop smoking can have it available through a prescription so you have control and some accountability.

But no matter how much you advertise that smoking is bad for you or how much you raise the price, there are people that will NEVER stop smoking.

I used to think that the health care costs for smokers ate up all the ciggy taxes they pay, but that may not be true....the average smoker dies younger and because of that, the taxpayers saves on not having to pay them pensions and hospitalization.


themisskrissy 58F
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5/24/2006 1:23 pm

In the Province of British Columbia this has been going on for a long time.. first the City of Victoria, and the Capitol Regional District put by-laws in place (Vancouver too, but i am not sure when) banning smoking in public buildings. I was a smoker living in Victoria at the time. So I had to smoke outside after a meal in a restaurant.. that did not kill me!
A couple years later, now I don't remember exactly when, smoking was banned province wide by the Government and the Worker's Compensation Board (the Board sets standards and oversees safety on the job) This included bars, restaurants, work vehicles..

In many communities this was an OUTRAGE..

I was still a smoker then..... and I wholeheartedly agreed that I had no right to inflict my filthy second hand smoke on ANYONE!

We survived.

Bingo halls, clubs, bars and some restaurants provide enclosed smoking areas.. sales of propane patio heaters must have went up 1000%!

One restaurant i frequent when i am away allows smoking in one side of the building.. a good friend smokes so we sit on that side... one day i wa HORRIFIED to witness two young women sitting in a booth with an infant in the car seat on the table and these two stupid cun*s blowing their smoke across this infants face!!! that is CHILD ABUSE in my opinion!
I discussed my feelings with the server and she said she is disgusted as well, but her hands are tied. The establishment has implemented a time limit that someone can be in the smoking section with minors. But that isn't enough!

Whether I smoke or not, I believe that laws need to be enacted to prevent children from second hand smoke and that includes in the family home! NO ONE has the right to poison the nations children!

If you let your toddler wander unattended you could be charged with neglect... but the law lets people poison kids...

I do not believe that the taxes from smokes comes anywhere near the real cost of health care for smokers and victims of second hand smoke.. think of the asthmatics alone!... the higher the taxes go the more has to be spent on countering smuggling and theft activity.

While there are some that will die with a cig in hand, many will quit thanks to the new laws!!! I used to shiver outside in the winter and ask myself WHY? Why let an addiction to a costly smelly habit force me to go out in all kinds of weather to suck 4000 chemicals into my lungs... I quit Feb. 11 last year....


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TechSteve 50M

5/24/2006 4:38 pm

Miss Krissy, I want to say I am glad you butted out.....good for you ....just my opinion......but I think a non smoking lady is more attractive.

It upsets me too that people smoke in the family home with children........we wonder why people are using puffers more than many people have asthma...the pollution in the air in major cities does not help either.

I am not too sure how much a smoker cost to society compared to what they spend in ciggy taxes. If they die several yrs earlier because of their smoking, that is a lot of money saved on pensions and medical bills.


themisskrissy 58F
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5/24/2006 6:36 pm


the smoker sits atop a pyramid of costs...
costs for:
-the other people made sick by 2nd hand smoke...
-cost of treating them for lung and other diseases for YEARS prior to dying...
(my mom has emphysema and her meds are hundreds of dollars per month, covered by taxpayers...she is 77 now and stopped smoking too late..
and had she known the dangers of smoking she likely never would have exposed all of us (all previous or current smoking kids) to 2nd hand smoke..)
-loss of lives, insurance costs and emergency service costs from careless smokers in the home.. (i lost one of my best friends to a cigarette caused fire... his own..sigh)
-forest fires.. most forest fires are caused by human negligence including carelessly tossed cigarettes, not nature!
-then little things like
-increased dental costs for the insurer/employer for extra cleaning time, gum disease..
-increases passed on to renters for the cost of repainting apts more often due to smokers..

it would be ideal if the smoker paid his/her own way to hell, but we all foot much bigger bills than his/her loss of pension will ever begin to cover...
he/she eats up more than his/her share of medical costs long before he/she dies!
-heart disease
and all those Cancers!!! to name a few of the diseases...

i had to agree with my GP when he said i was a smoker and a diabetic and should be run over with a truck! he was doing all he can to improve my life, while i was doing my damnedest to destroy it...(he is too cool btw)


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TechSteve 50M

5/24/2006 7:44 pm

Miss Krissy, I am sorry about your mother.

You make good arguments here.

Many of the things you mention seem to be forgotten when discussing the costs of smoking........they always mention health care, but that is only one part of it.

Thank you for your comments.


themisskrissy 58F
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5/24/2006 10:52 pm

one more little tidbit... if you can afford to smoke, you can afford to buy the patch, gum or other crutch needed to stop...
the truth of the matter is in my opinion: the smoker has to want to quit!all the treatments in the world won't work without true desire..
i gained a few pounds at first, then lost them when i could do more without feeling like i was going to cough up a lung, or pass out from lack of oxygen...

cold turkey krissy....

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