Canadian Forces Personnel fuck and use condoms ????? Good for them :)  

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Canadian Forces Personnel fuck and use condoms ????? Good for them :)

This is a story I found on the some of you may know, I am ex army.

In the olden days, the Canadian Army used to issue tobacco products free to their soldiers. Now if soldiers want that stuff, they have to pay for that in war zones or in garisson.

Alcohol (beer) was NEVER given free to Canadian troops anywhere, even during the world wars. The Canadian Armed Forces currently controls alcohol very strictly in war zones.

When I was in the Forces, condoms were available in a box at the base hospitals, or in the medical stations of the different units. The condoms were in a box that was put in a place that was discreet. There is a DONT ASK DONT TELL policy in effect. Another thing condoms are good for is to keep your rifle clean. You put a condom on the end of your barrel to keep sand and dirt out.

Cdn soldiers putting condoms to use


Cdn, Afghan soldiers hunt Taliban
Taliban leader's brother-in-law killed
Karzai: Tribal fighters to help battle Taliban

OTTAWA (CP) - Internal military documents suggest Canadian soldiers really are getting a lot more action these days.

The troops are being supplied with condoms at what appears to be a staggering pace, with documents suggesting a 12-fold increase from just four years ago.

The military has dispensed just under 300,000 publicly paid prophylactics in each of the last two years, say figures obtained under the Access to Information Act.

"We hand them out like Kleenex," said one military official. "(The soldiers) just walk into the dispensary and claim them. We don't ask questions."

The troops are fighting terrorists in Afghanistan and helping to protect a fragile democracy. They're training on bases at home to prepare for their perilous mission.

And in each of the last two years, they've used about $40,000 worth of lubricated, non-lubricated and non-latex female condoms, all paid for by the government.

Military brass do not keep track of where the condoms are distributed, so it's impossible to know how many are being used in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

At home and abroad, the Canadian Forces have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy when soldiers request condoms at military dispensaries.

The policy dates to the First World War, and the military says it saves taxpayers money by keeping the troops out of the infirmary.

"Certainly the time spent to diagnose and treat (a sexually transmitted) disease, the time lost to duty . . . are costs to the service," said Maj. Jim Anderson of the military health services group.

"Part of the role of the Canadian Forces health service is to keep Canadian Forces members healthy so they can do their job."

Use of military-issued condoms has risen drastically since 2002 but the demand has ebbed and flowed over a longer period.

In 1999, soldiers used 295,200 condoms supplied by National Defence. By 2002, the number had fallen to 25,355 condoms and the figures have increased steadily over the four years since. Military officials had no explanation for the fluctuation.

The good news for Canadian taxpayers is they're getting lots more bang for their buck.

The cost of condoms distributed in 1999 was over $100,000 - or more than 30 cents for each prophylactic. The cost the last two years has dropped by almost two-thirds, to about $40,000 or 13 cents a condom.

Military spokespeople could not explain the drop in price or whether some change in accounting practice could help explain the dramatic increase in use.

Sex between soldiers on the Kandahar air base in Afghanistan - where 2,300 Canadian troops are deployed - is strictly forbidden and could result in disciplinary action.

But the military supplies soldiers with condoms there, too. It cannot say whether any are being used illicitly on the base, or whether they're all being used during authorized leaves of absence.

"I can't comment on what the usage might be," Anderson said. "Our (role) isn't to be judgmental. It's to keep people safe.

"If two soldiers decide to break the rules, that's their decision. But if they're going to break the rules I would rather they do it safely, rather than compound the administrative problem with a medical problem."

Journalists in Afghanistan have heard from soldiers about on-base sexual relationships and have seen other evidence.

Soldiers often used visual cues on bases meant to indicate "Do not disturb."

At the now-closed Camp Julien base, a white T-shirt draped on the back of a light armoured vehicle was a signal not to disturb the lovemaking inside.

Journalists returning from Canada's new base in Kandahar say there's less visual evidence to suggest the practice has continued there.

"We have a non-fraternization policy on international missions," said Lt.-Col. Rita Lepage.

"(It applies to) interpreters who are in our employ, journalists who are embedded. It's a non-fraternization policy that's very extensive."


A quick look at condom purchases by the Canadian Forces for free distribution to soldiers, as calculated by the Department of National Defence.

-1998: 219,312 condoms. Cost: $59,168

-1999: 295,200 condoms. Cost: $100,483

-2000: 158,991 condoms. Cost: $52,621

-2001: 84,684 condoms. Cost: $28,438

-2002: 25,355 condoms. Cost: $5,324

-2003: 173,769 condoms. Cost: $24,958

-2004: 285,751 condoms. Cost: $41,113

-2005-March 2006: 306,522 condoms. Cost: $39,541

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6/12/2006 7:56 pm

Pretty civilized... you clever canadians...

keepin busy steve? *s* -v

TechSteve 50M

6/13/2006 8:28 am

Verri, sometimes haha.


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6/13/2006 1:38 pm

Notice the data for 199, 2004 and 2005-March 2006...

They're buying cheaper condoms these days.

BTW, I've been told a condom stretched over the muzzle of a firearm aslo works as a crude but effective silencer.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

TechSteve 50M

6/16/2006 6:39 pm

    Quoting PrincessKarma:
    Notice the data for 199, 2004 and 2005-March 2006...

    They're buying cheaper condoms these days.

    BTW, I've been told a condom stretched over the muzzle of a firearm aslo works as a crude but effective silencer.
You are correct...the price of condoms that the Canadian Forces buys has dropped in price. I heard that somewhere too.

A condom over a barrel is used to keep out sand and dirt.

The silencer one is new to me.


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