Is Memphis just dead, or what????  

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5/16/2005 7:36 pm

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Is Memphis just dead, or what????

It seems no matter where I go in Memphis, there's an absolute absence of honest, fun, clean (yet dirty) and DECENT women. No matter how hard I try to find them at clubs, bars, or even just rollerblading around the Hacks Cross area, (which is supposedly a safe haven for the kind of girl I seek) I just can't seem to find a girl.

I don't understand why I can't. It seems like I have women all over that want to talk to me, meet with me, etc. But then, suddenly, once I get even a number... they disappear. It's almost as if this whole city is just playing one sick and horribly twisted game with me, and I just haven't caught on to the game yet.

So here I sit now, 9:30 PM, pondering just how hot I want to cook my curried dish for dinner. I love almost everything in life hot. Hot women, hot foods, hot music, hot days (minus this UNGODLY humidity,) and hot times. Hell, I even like my alcohol to be hot sometimes (Spicy Vodka or Tequila, anyone?)

I think the only thing I don't care being hot or not is the sex. As long as we both enjoy ourselves, and both get off, I'm content. But, as said above.. damn.. can't find a girl.

Ah well, off to make my food hot enough to raise blisters on my tongue. Maybe that'll keep me satiated for the night. Well, I hope, anyways.

BTW, yes, I draw the pictures you'll see in this blog.. if they don't get resized too much to be beyond recognition.

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