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7/25/2005 1:50 pm

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An Intro

Where to begin....I'm sitting in my living room watching my cat play with a cigarette wrapper and wondering how the hell a cat ended up with a plastic fetish. Ok, about me....
I won't start with the "I grew up" stuff but I will say I went from a very insecure teenager to a wild child just by raising my hand for Uncle Sam. I spent 5 years as an active duty Marine and began my "quest for wildness" on July 5, 1985 when I got my first tattoo. After having very few friends as I grew up, I suddenly had more than I thought possible...alot of them hot young, male Marines . (Nothing is a sexy as a Jarhead in dress turns me on just thinking about it!) I tried to "settle down" when I met my first husband. We had 3 kids, but in all honesty, he never satisfied me sexually. He'd get me feeling real good and that would be the end of it. After I left the Marines and we got divorced, I started the hunt for awesome sex...the kind that blows your mind. Some would say I was a slut, but everyone's entitled to an opinion. I was enjoying my life! But, for all the tricks they tried, nobody could satisfy me. Fast forward about ten years....I was married to hubby #2, miserable, and had been back on active duty-this time in the Army-for about 3 years and was up to tattoo number 6. It was at this point I met the guy who would introduce me to the world of amazing sex!! When the Army sent me to Korea, we went our separate ways...but no matter. I had some really hot younger guys hot on my ass!! I'm talking ten years younger! But I was back to the boring sex...during this time, I got tattoo number 7. I came to realize that it was actually a turn on for me...not the pain because after awhile you don't feel it anymore, but the feel of the tattoo gun vibrating and watching the tattoo take form. I was pending a medical discharge from the Army and the "other woman" in a screwed up relationship...miserable again when I met HIM. He took the amazing sex to a whole new level! (And on top of this, I fell for this one-head over heels!) It's only been a couple of months (I'm out of the Army now), and he's showing me what it's all about...doing things together in and out of the bedroom, laughing and loving being together.
During my miserable relationships, I lost alot of self confidence and lost that "wild child". He's helped me dig into myself and find her and bring her out to play. I'm doing things I've never done before and the sex is incredible. (Multi orgasms ARE possible!!) And now....on to another level....

redmustang91 58M  
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7/26/2005 1:00 pm

Glad you are having fun again. Enjoy! Life is for living.

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