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8/20/2006 9:31 pm

I was late, intentionally so... I knew there would be a penalty, a deliciously painful penalty! My mistress was irritated and wasted no time showing me her displeasure. Immediately she slapped my face and then informed me that my treat would have to wait until I showed I could be obedient.

Mistress led me into the bedroom of the hotel suite we were in and to my surprise a man was laying spread-eagled on the bed! Candles were lit and he said; "bind him and bring him closer for my inspection!" As he ran his hands over my legs and my ass I started to seep a little fluid in the front of my panties. Mistress was furious! It was absolutely unacceptable for me to show any pleasure before I had satisfied my Mistress and her guests. Punish him he said...

My Mistress was all too willing... On your knees she commanded! I complied, assume the position, again I complied. My position was with my face and arms on the floor and my ass high in the air. Mistress pulled her strap out and gave me some of the finest strokes I had ever felt.

Very well the man said, I want him to suck my cock. Mistress had fitted me with my collar and leash, she walked me up on the bed and said comply. I willingly obliged. There was a condition though; if he was not moaning sufficiently, punishment was my reward.

I was in my glory, I sucked him and licked him with all I had. All the while Mistress kept telling me what a good slut I was... Soon I felt that familiar throb from him... I started to tighten my lips around his shaft while rotating my tongue around his bulging cock head. Mistress knew what was about to happen and pinched my nose closed! His throb changed to a rapid pulse of sweet cum and I swallowed all of him.

Out of breath, I fell in between his legs with my face by his cock.

You'll have to do better than that, Mistress said. She rolled me on by back, and sat on my face. The evening had just begun...

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