Sex, Lust, Power... a glimse inside my mind 2  

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12/1/2005 4:44 am

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Sex, Lust, Power... a glimse inside my mind 2

I would then remove your blindfold and take you to the candlelit bathroom where a hot shower is waiting.
I would enter the water pulling you in after me and embrace you under the hot water. My hands would explore your body as my teeth gently attack your neck. I would kneel before you and find the folds of your pussy and part them with my fingers. First one finger and then two would enter you and seek out the orgasm waiting to be released. With my tongue caressing your clit I would finger fuck you to the edge and right as you are about to cum, my fingers would hook and find your g-spot. With one arm wrapped strongly around your waist, I would hold your body to me tightly as the orgasm rips through you. As the tide of pleasure begins to pull back, my fingers would return to aggressivly fucking you and your at the edge again so fast your breath catches and then before your ready I hook my fingers and find that special spot again. The orgasm hits you like a freight train, only my arm around your waist keeps you from falling over. I withdraw my fingers and stand up, gathering you in my arms and hold you under the hot water as your body slowly stops trembling and your breathing returns to normal. You look up and into my eyes and before you can speak I kiss you and whisper, "We've only just begun."

to be continued...

Trouble2868 49F

12/1/2005 3:24 pm

Very good visualization. Oh my the thoughts you've brought to me.

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