Our first web cam experience  

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2/2/2006 5:19 pm

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4/13/2006 4:25 am

Our first web cam experience

So... J and I fired up the web cam and ventured into the webcam chat area a couple days ago. Holy crap there are a lot of guys there! At one point we had over 400 people watching us and maybe only 30 women and couples.

We were searching for a woman or couple who would enjoy and participate in our show and we were lucky to find D from Rome who seemed great.

After setting her up with our streaming web cam server (higher resolution and good audio), we were ready to go.

I think we were both pretty nervous but totally excited and curious to know how it would go.

We told D our rules. She can ask us to do ANYTHING and we'll do it. BUT, if she asks us to do something we can't/won't do, then the game ends and she won't get to see us anymore. She had a giggle at our rules, but I think she got what we were looking for.

We started with a long passionate kiss that helped both of us to forget that we were being watched. Then, D asked me to lick J all over and so I spent a couple minutes discovering her entire body and turning her on even more.

Next, D pushed a little harder and had J turn her ass to the camera. With her legs spread and back arched, D had me kiss and lick all over her pussy and her ass. At this point, J was super turned on...

So, she got on top so D could watch her face and her pussy as she rode me. This was great and I was really turned on, until we were struck by some biological difficulties... You see, J had a late visit from a monthly friend. Ooops! Off to the shower!

20 minutes later the story continued. This time J got between my legs. D was talking about how wet she was and that she'd love to be sucking my cock at the same time.... Damn why is Rome so far away!!

J is amazing at giving a blow job so it wasn't long and I was getting close. D was fingering herself and J was sucking and slurping with passion. I couldn't hold any longer and came long and hard into J's mouth. It was amazing.

So... after some breathless moments and after J licked back the remainder of my cum, we turned to messenger to ask D what she thought.

Only to find out that the camera had frozen a mere moment before I came. She missed the entire climax!! Shit! Unbelievable.

After a few more curses and damns! we chatted a bit more and called it a night.

We had an amazing time and are already planning for our next time. We're looking for more women and couples that can give good direction and who will push our boundaries. And if they're as hot as D, we'd love to watch them on webcam while they watch us.

And for next time, we're going to try something special. We have two laptops and two webcams. So, we're going to push both feeds out to the media server so our audience can get a great view of all the action.

So.. if you're interested and you're a woman and couple, let us know. We'll be happy to let you in on our fun and games.

Cya soon!

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