Evening at the mall  

TammyDHU 46F  
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8/15/2006 7:53 pm

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8/26/2006 8:55 pm

Evening at the mall

When I was growing up it was the biggest deal in the world to pile into the car, drive the half hour from my hometown, and go to the mall that I now live just blocks away from.

Now that I live here, I venture over there for one reason and one reason only: once a month to pay my phone and my Sears bill.

So this evening I go to do that. Finding about two hundred and seventy people crammed together waiting for service at T-Mobile like flies on a pile of shit, I decided to take a stroll around just to see what they've done to the place in the years that I've never paid any attention.

Holy shit!!! There is now a large Food Court in there with twenty different franchises. They all want to sell you something for way too much...badly.

I can't believe the modernization of some of the stores that exist in there compared to what I remember from ten years ago. And is it really necessary to house THAT many jewelry stores in one building??? Jesus God.

But then I caught glimpse of one of those boutiques that sell hair accessories and various other things. They were boasting a huge half-off sale. Reminded of the fact that I lost my leopard-print sunglasses (who the fuck's place did I leave them at anyway???) and have had to squint on the way home from the banana factory each evening, I ventured in.

While looking around it suddenly struck me that I've had a mall gift card sitting in my wallet for about a year and a half that I've never used. So I walked out with a brand-new pair of leopard-print sunglasses, plus a few new sparkley ankle bracelets, and some fabulous headbands.

On the way back I saw the number of flies on the pile of shit was reduced to maybe one hundred and eighty, but still my waiting time would have been phenomenal. I just decided to go home and put my phone payment in the mail.

Oh well...maybe I will get into walking the halls of that place all over again in my old age...who knows.

But at least I got something new to sport when I go out with the girls on Friday night to celebrate my new job!!!

rm_Gentle12553 68M
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8/16/2006 4:08 am

Ya have to love going to the mega-mall just to watch people....I had up to the Cinabon and get a large decaf and a sticky bun and squeeze into one of those white wire chairs and tables that are made for someone who is about a size 4....

Settling back to enjoy the sticky bun and wait for fashion show. I tend to sit there and "rate" the women...You know one to ten...One being I would bed her for all the tea in china and a ten she already has me growing in excitement. Most of the women are average...4, 5 or 6's and do little to improve their appearance...Their dress is "slovenly" at best or they tend to look like every other woman in the mall even down to wearing the same colors. Of course, NO ONE man or woman ever dresses up to go to the mall, and most just let it all hang out.

Oh my world for a TEN....I guess I should be thankful for small gifts and the fact that I drink coffee slow and love an erect chestline in a t-shirt...."She gets an 8,,,,,,hmmmmm"

complexlysimple 35M

8/16/2006 6:53 pm

My favorite ..the vending machines in the food court take credit cards...(if I'm remembering that right )

corvairguy 66M

8/17/2006 5:17 am

You are going out with the girls? I would think you would want to show off your new things to your betrothed. But then I know how you gals like to cackle!

Luv Ya, Ken

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