Another day to write about  

TammyDHU 46F  
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4/9/2006 4:14 pm

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4/11/2006 8:01 am

Another day to write about

Never know what's going to happen when you get out of bed for the day, do ya???

I get up and trolley off to work for the afternoon...and wait for my first appointment.

And wait.

And wait longer.

And wait a little more.

And wait just two more seconds.

Finally I am mad. It's a beautiful day and I want to go spend this lovely afternoon with some friends maybe.

My hand picked up the phone all by itself and then I suddenly heard my mouth asking the client just where in the BeJesus she was???

Home sick in bed. So sick, in fact, she had entirely forgotten the day's appointment. It's one of those terrifying pail-by-the-bed illnesses.

Entirely forgiven on my end.

Now I look at my aunt. She knows the question before I ask it. ("Can I just fly???")

So yes it is. Yippee!!! I am free for a few hours to go along with friends for the sunny beautiful afternoon!!!

We gather up each other around town using large nets and drive to the neighboring town to a different bar for some fun.

I am sitting next to an old guy who seems to not have a problem experiencing drinking quite heavily at all. He does however seem to have an uncontrollable shaking problem and a bit of a "distasteful" scent to himself.

Still, he gazes at me for some time with very watery eyes and then says in a slurry sort of fashion:

"Wherever did you get those Bette Davis eyes?"

You just never know what's gonna happen each day when you get out of bed...

rm_Gentle12553 68M
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4/9/2006 5:34 pm

and when do you head down to the barbershop to watch the hair cuts...

Now if you want to fly to NYC...we can go see a Broadway Show....dinner at Sardi's or down in the Village....Dancing at the South Street Seaport....late night drinks at the top of the marquee

all night snacks at the 2nd street Deli...and early morning drive out to Long Island to see the sunrise on Jones' beach

Or a boat ride up the Hudson thru the highlands....



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