Another Dude Story  

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5/8/2006 12:25 pm

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Another Dude Story

I received the call about two weeks ago.

The ex-Girlfriend, who had come to our business: "bitch-and-bigger-bitch" DISCLAIMER: not our real name) for tax preparation, kindly and sheepishly calls to ask if she can bring her Dude over to see me.

Dude, she has the foresight to warn me, has not filed a return for six years. He now needs either the nearest guillotine, or my help.


Jesus God. Can I handle it??? Gulping the sweat inside my throat, and remembering the fearless accounting bandit that I am, I agree.

She brings Dude over. I almost fall off my chair. (THIS MAN IS WOW...SEXY!) We look at his paperwork. He has all the necessary information for filing. He also has a folder full of death threats from the IRS.

I remember my mission in life...SCREW THE IRS!!! And plus, the man is, after all, WOW...SEXY!

I pull out all my artillery in getting to work on the case.

Number one priority is 2005; then I move on to 2004. This takes not much time as I have all the available software.

Going back to 2001 is more involved. I do not have the software, but we do have the Internet. Handwritten forms downloaded from the IRS site are going to have to do.

Dude will be paying my rent for the summer for all this grief, but he's exceedingly grateful, and I have made him not only my loyal client, but also a very happy man. (And did I mention that Dude is...WOW...SEXY???)

It's not really the money that's most important. It's seeing the worry lines disappear from his forehead that really makes me the most happy. I've made him even...WOW...SEXIER!!!

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5/9/2006 2:07 am

Question:...I was wondering,is this "Dude" person sexy ?

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