6:00 A.M.  

TammyDHU 46F  
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8/5/2006 4:55 am
6:00 A.M.

...Saturday morning, and another one of those dreams shakes me into early morning reality.

I get that sometimes, where I begin by happily dreaming about all the nice things that I have going in life. But somewhere along the line something goes wrong, my unconscious brain goes into overdrive, and I am shaken awake, sure of the fact that all has gone wrong, and all the good realities were just a dream.

Maybe it's that old insecurity problem of mine that sometimes does that to me. I hate when that happens. After I've checked messages on the phone and my email to be sure there are no real tragedies that occurred during my snoozing hours, I'm good to go...enjoying the sunrise and the peace and quiet of the early morning on the river at my regularly otherwise-noisy apartment building. But I do hate that terrifying feeling of impending gloom that sometimes gets me up this early in the morning.

Any of you guys ever get this?

Is it a sin to have a beer at seven for breakfast then???

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