Intro to Dancing Dolphin Tantra  

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Intro to Dancing Dolphin Tantra

Have you ever watched dolphins skimming the waves in the morning surf?

I often watched them on my morning visits to Torrey Pines State Park (see

Several times a week I ran the beach there then would swim in the ocean and sometimes, at just the perfect moment, I would see a dolphin surfing the waves and would swim out to meet it.

When you see a dolphin, want to meet it, you make yourself available but do not pursue it. If you pursue it, it may feel that you are a predator and will not let you near. If on the other hand, you make your self an invitation of friendship, fun, respect and appreciation, it may come to you.

When you meet a dolphin, it is the dolphin’s choice, not yours - you are simply and innocently allowing the possibility.

The dolphin that approaches you will know much more about you than you realize. Dolphins have very sensitive sonar - the clicks they emit touch you and return to them. The do actually touch into you, not just bounce off the surface. This gives them an instant and deep awareness of not only your size and shape, but of who you are.

When a dolphin comes to you, she is coming to meet you with a pretty clear sense of who you really are. If you have a pet, a dog for example, think about how fast your dog knows if it likes a new person, is indifferent to that person, or dislikes them.

This is also true with a dolphin thanks to their very sensitive sonar. The dolphin that chooses you really chooses you for who you are on the inside - not the outside. It is a very special privilege to have an encounter with another being in this innocent, simple, authentic and direct way.

Your dolphin does not know what car you drive, your investment portfolio, and your ego stories or important you think you are. He knows you as your inner being - simply as who you are - without pretense or facades. What a joy to be so simply seen, known and met exactly as we are.

Dolphins travel in Pods (groups) that have very developed social graces and interactions. Your dolphin was the one in the Pod that most related to you and wanted to play with you.

Our intuition allows us to do the same when we are open enough to clearly send it out and clear enough to receive it back without illusion or projection.

Dancing Dolphin Tantra is about that Dance.

Welcome - I will add more soon - please post if you have questions or suggestions for related topics.

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