Festival overload  

TallDarkQuiet2 38M
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6/27/2006 8:04 am
Festival overload

Man, my party muscles are really getting a workout this year.

I've already done the beer festival, food festival, fashion festival (asking models to "bring my look up to date" is a great way to break the ice, but I tend to find the styles ridiculous) and a "funk fest".

This weekend was also a combo of Grand Prix weekend(60,000 fans came into the city), St. Jean Baptiste day (Quebec's "this really isn't Canada day" day) and world cup parties hosted by crazy Brazilians. I'm still recovering.

There were also lots of festivals I've already missed, including an "International chambre music festival" held outdoors (mmm, irony).

So my question is: is it possible to have too many festivals at once, or should I just shut up and enjoy it? Most of these things are fun, but so many go on at the same time that I can't possibly check out all of them. There are still lots of big summer fests to come, including Ozzfest (I think it's in town this year), Jazz fest, 2 film fests, fringe fest, comedy fest and at lease a dozen others I don't know anything about.

Sometimes these are great places to meet girls, sometimes not. I remember at Ozzfest in Toronto last year I lost my voice trying to speak over the bass to the hot girl on my left, who kept flashing the band (she did it pretty much at random, I think she just enjoyed having an excuse to show off her huge gazongas to everyone).

Fringe fest and Fantasia (cult film fest) are definitely the most fun for the money, I got to see a musical based on Army of Darkness at the Fringe fest last year (people in the front row got sprayed with fake blood). Fantasia is also great, with lots of foreign horror movies, psychadelic trips and kung fu. I watched a kung fu movie where the bad guy's weakness was that he could only be killed between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Classic.

OK, rambling done. Do you like the idea of many many festivals packed into 2-3 months, or should they be spread out accross the year to give people a chance to see them all?

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