St. Pat Was An Engineer! (Part 1 of 5)  

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3/17/2006 6:58 am

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St. Pat Was An Engineer! (Part 1 of 5)

A Most Creative Discovery

The students of the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia were the first to "discover" that St. Patrick was an engineer. Since 1903, UMC engineering students have celebrated St. Patrick's Day (March 17) as a holiday set aside for engineers. This celebration has developed into a week of festivities, including lab exhibits, a canned food drive, a knighting ceremony, St. Pat.'s Ball, and the coronation of the King and Queen of the engineers.


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3/17/2006 2:30 pm

Happy St. Patricks Day you crazy man!


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3/17/2006 3:06 pm

Whispersoftly5 - I fear you do not take me seriously! Yes, St. Pat is the Patron Saint of Engineers. He was so recognized by the engineering students at the University of Missouri - Columbia as my story summarizes. There was much evidence brought forth in support of this notion. One line of mechanical engineering logic and reasoning went thusly: St. Patrick was known to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. Now, a snake is somewhat similar to a worm, long and skinny in their body forms. A worm is a name given by mechanical engineers to a certain type of gear. Since engineers design and work with worm gears, it was reasoned that there must be some very close affiliation between St. Patrick and engineers. Since the mechanical engineers longed for a holiday from their tedious studies, a reason to drink beer, they adopted St. Patrick as their Patron Saint. This occurred in 1903.


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T I G E R S !

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