Professor Greene and the Day to Wear Green (Part 3 of 5)  

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Professor Greene and the Day to Wear Green (Part 3 of 5)

Professor Greene and the Day to Wear Green

Another version of the origin places a group of engineering students in 1903 in the library or in a drafting room waiting for class to start. They were discussing the long time span between holidays, especially since the College of Engineering attended classes six days out of seven. Mechanical engineering professor, A. M. Greene, was unusually late that particular day and the students considered cutting class. Realizing that St. Patrick's Day was soon approaching, the students reasoned that St. Patrick was an engineer and this should be celebrated. The discovery was announced through notices on the Engineering Building and in Academic Hall. As a result, many engineering students cut class in honor of St. Pat. on March 17.

The next year was less uproarious because Professor Greene threatened to fail anyone cutting his class on St. Pat.'s Day. However, eventually, Professor Greene and other faculty gathered support for the event. It is now organized as a week of festivities by the St. Pat.'s Board, a division of the Engineering Club. Interestingly, Professor Greene was dubbed the first Honorary Knight of St. Patrick in 1907.

Photo of Professor A. M. Greene taken from the 1907 Savitar preserved in the University of Missouri Archives.


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[MOfunWOWNOW] - Mizzou engineering students were then and still remain a resourceful lot!

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