BLOG ON! *** Chapter 8  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 8

"Thanks, Mrs. Sutherland!" Karen Kitrane smiled appreciatively as she accepted the middle-aged lady's credit card. "I think you are going to really love that new quilt! I have a lady over in Valdosta who makes those for me!"

It was now 4:15 pm and Karen would be closing the shop at 5: 00 pm this afternoon. Her husband, Luke, had not yet called to tell her of any problems with his ability to pick up Bobby and take him to soccer practice this evening. That meant she would be able to spend a little extra time 'blogging' this evening. Practice would be over around 7 pm so that meant she'd have from 5 pm till about 6:40 pm to get online at HotTimes and visit with some of her cyber-friends.

"Sign here Mrs. Sutherland! Thank you and here's your receipt. I hope you'll really enjoy that pretty quilt, Mrs. Sutherland!" People were so polite and courteous in the south. Karen walked with Mrs. Sutherland to the front door and said good-bye.

Karen was pleased with herself. She had had a pretty successful day. Register receipts totaled $1,212.43. Karen figured that she needed to take in about $700 per day to break even, so she was a little bit ahead of that amount for the day.

As she walked back to her office, she heard her telephone ring. She glanced at her desk clock. It was now 4:25 pm.

"Hi sweetie!" It was Luke calling.

"Hi Luke." Karen replied as she tensed up anticipating that he was going to want her to take Bobby to soccer practice.

"Sweetie, I'm just covered up here! Can you take Bobby to practice?" Luke asked in a timid, pleading, almost desperate voice.

"No, Luke! We discussed that this morning! Bobby, is counting on you to be there! You need to take him! You're never there for him, Luke!" Karen was getting excited as she spoke and remembered all the previous times when Luke had missed practices and games with some sort of work excuse.

"Karen, I have to get some stuff done here and it's due tomorrow!" Luke insisted.

"You'll just have to work on it after practice and after dinner tonight then, Luke! Damn it, I'm not gonna let you pull this again!" Now Karen really had her hackles up!

"OK, OK, I'll do it! I guess Bobby, and I'll see you around 7 pm then." Luke relented. He knew how upset Karen could get and she was well on her way to being very upset!

"Bye, Luke! I'll see you and Bobby later." And with that Karen placed the telephone handset back in its cradle.

She shrugged her shoulders, inhaled and exhaled a deep breath of relief. She wondered whether Luke would ever become more attentive to the family, to the kids and to her as well.

She poured herself a fresh mug of coffee, turned off her coffee maker and poured the remainder of the coffee that was left into the sink. As she sat down at her desk, she looked at the framed picture of Luke on her desk, bit her lip and shook her head from right to left.

As she clicked onto her internet browser, she noticed that the IM message center popped up and that 'ClitLicker4U', Steve Strong from Albany, GA, had left her a message. She also noticed that he was currently online.

His message read as follows:

ClitLicker4U: Karen ... I really enjoyed our time together in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I'm gonna be there again this weekend, and I was wondering if you'd care to join me?

Karen felt her heart beat faster, as she placed her left hand over her upper chest as if to calm herself. Steve had been so wonderful when she first met him in Atlanta. They had met through the HotTimes cybersex site. They both enjoyed 'blogging' and they each spent 2-3 hours per day on the HotTimes site. They had laughed together about their attraction to 'blogging'. 'Blogging' had become almost an addiction for each of them. How was she going to answer Steve's question about this weekend? She crossed her legs and carefully sipped the hot coffee. She could feel waves of arousal rising up within her body. She was seriously contemplating Steve's offer for the weekend.

She double-clicked on 'ClitLicker4U' and began to type:

KarenKitty: Hi Steve! Are you there?

After a 10 second pause, one that felt more like 30 seconds, Steve responded.

ClitLicker4U: Hi sweetie! How's your day?
KarenKitty: Better now, Steve!
KarenKitty: Just had another argument with hubby!
ClitLicker4U: Oooops! Sorry to hear that! Are you OK?
ClitLicker4U: What are you two fighting about now?
KarenKitty: Same old crap, Steve!
ClitLicker4U: Sorry hon!
KarenKitty: Steve, you know that message you left me about this weekend?
ClitLicker4U: Yep?
KarenKitty: What did you have in mind?
ClitLicker4U: I have to be there for a meeting on Monday so I thought I might go up for the weekend. I'm holding the room reservation for a possible two additional nights, Saturday and Sunday.
ClitLicker4U: I'd like you to join me, Karen.
KarenKitty: Oh, wow, Steve ... I don't know?
KarenKitty: Should we? I feel like it right now! I'm so digusted with Luke, and I'm thinkin' about givin' up on him! But, is it right?
ClitLicker4U: Karen, I have been thinking about you constantly since we got together in Atlanta last month! I'm sure!
KarenKitty: Me too, Steve! But, it's a big step for me. Let me think about it a day or two.
ClitLicker4U: I understand. I truly do.
ClitLicker4U: Tell you what dear! I'll make the reservations for Saturday and Sunday hoping you'll join me. If you decide not too, I can always cancel them with 24 hour notice.
KarenKitty: I understand Steve, and I appreciate you being so very patient with me. You are a real gentleman.
ClitLicker69: Ya, ya! I may be a gentleman, but I still want to rip your clothes off baby! Do you understand, hon?
KarenKitty: Mmmmmmm! The thought of that actually sends tingles down my spine, Steve!
KarenKitty: Can I get back to you in a couple days?
ClitLicker69: Sure baby!
KarenKitty: Steve, here's my number at the shop. I'm the only one here, so it's OK if you call me here. 713-459-3222.
ClitLicker69: Thanks Karen!
KarenKitty: Well, I better get off now. I'll talk to you tomorrow hon! Bye!
ClitLicker69: Bye, sweetie!

Karen exhaled deeply. She felt alive. She felt aroused. She felt wanted and desirable. It had been so many years since she had felt this way.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © March, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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want2play926 47F

5/2/2006 5:40 am

I can sooooooooooo relate to this lady. If I knew you before you wrote this I would swear it was about me. But I bet there are so many married women on this site that can fit into this character.


TTigerAtty 63M

5/2/2006 7:48 am

    Quoting want2play926:
    I can sooooooooooo relate to this lady. If I knew you before you wrote this I would swear it was about me. But I bet there are so many married women on this site that can fit into this character.

I suspect you are right about that! It's a pity when married folks cannot be completely happy! But, sadly, that is the way life is.

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