BLOG ON! *** Chapter 59  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 59

Detective Washington arrived downtown at the Prosecuting Attorney's Office at 8:45 am. Within two hours he had met with one of the Assistant Prosecutors, had reviewed the case and evidence with the Assistance Prosecutor and then obtained the arrest warrant from a judge. By 11:15 am, Detective Washington had returned to the police station.

"Joe, do you have the officers lined up for the arrest? I've got the warrant." Detective Washington asked Sergeant Joe Jordan.

"Yep, I've asked them to be here by 11:45 am, so you've got a half hour wait." Sergeant Jordan replied.

"I think I'm gonna grab a quick sandwich in the lunchroom while I'm waiting. If the officers get here early, please send them on back, will ya' Joe?" Detective Washingtopn requested.

"You got it, Ty! Will do!" Joe replied.

Detective Washington grabbed his files on the Stacy Stone case and headed to the lunchroom. This would give him some time to think about and write down his interview questions for Alan Sabre. He was still wondering who the second man might have been.

Hmmmmm? I've gotta go back over all my notes. Maybe that will give me a direction to investigate. Detective Washington thought.

He had just finished eating a ham and cheese sandwich and eating a bowl of chicken rice soup when the officers arrived.

"Hi, guys. So, glad you are able to help me on this one. Grab a cup of coffee, and let me explain what we're looking at here." Detective Washington directed.

Then during the next twenty minutes, Detective Washington layed out the case and evidence to the four SFPD officers. He explained that he wanted to arrive at both the residence and workplace at approximately the same time in order to avoid the possibility that Alan Sabre might get tipped off that the police authorities were looking for him. Detective Washington explained that he wanted Mr. Sabre brought to the police station for questioning by him.

The officers shook their heads affirmatively and indicated their understanding of what was to be done. As they all arose from the lunchroom table, Detective Washington told the officers that he would ride with the car that would be going to the residence since he was already familiar with its location.

"We will check in with each other when we get to Sunnyvale and coordinate our timing of the arrest at that time." Detective Washington explained.

With that, the group headed out the door toward the parking lot. They drove off headed toward Sunnyvale, CA.

Forty minutes later they arrived at the city limits of Sunnyvale and began to coordinate over the police radio system. They agreed to approach both the residence and the workplace at 1:15 pm.

"Let me knock on the door and you guys back me up." Detective Washington told the police officers as they approached Alan Sabre's apartment.

Ty knocked on the door and then rang the doorbell, but there was no response. He knocked harder, but still no response.

Hmmmm? I wonder if Sabre's Mustang is here?

"Bob, Sabre has a new red Mustang GT. It would be parked in this vicinity. Would you go back down and look around?" Detective Washington asked Officer Bob Bailey.

Detective Washington knocked on the door repeatedly now. Still no answer. He looked down at the parking lot to see if Officer Bailey had found the Mustang. Officer Bailey motioned that he could not locate the Mustang.

Hmmmm? Sabre may be at work. Detective Washington reasoned.

"Men, let's contact our other unit to see if they have located Sabre at his workplace. Bob, would you give them a call?" Detective Washington requested.

A few minutes passed as Officer Bailey talked over the radio. Meanwhile, Detective Washington and the second officer, John Kelley, made their way back down the steps of the apartment complex to the parking lot level.

"Ty, they struck out too! It appears this is Sabre's vacation day off and no one at Horizon had any idea where he might be today. They say he is off work till Monday evening taking a long weekend." Officer Bailey reported.

"Great! Just great! Who knows where he might go this weekend?" Detective Washington complained.

"We may have to wait until Monday evening and nab him at work." Detective Washington continued.

"Well boys, let's head on back! Sorry!" Detective Washington was disappointed that his arrest plan had not worked out.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © June, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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